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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 20 October 2020

Critter of the Week t-shirts

Critter of the Week t-shirts Photo: RNZ/Liminal

Critter of the week t-shirts are back!

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Photo: RNZ

Find out about our Kiwi Cover song Contest

1:10 A montage of the latest kiwi cover song entries

You have less than 2 weeks to get your entries in for the Kiwi Cover song Contest

Jesse plays a montage of some of our favourite recent entries:

- JD Dalton Kimcel's version of Forever Tuesday Morning by the Mockers

- 13 year old Asha Trill along with Ryan Beehre and Tanya Nock singing Garden by Anna Coddington and  Fly My Pretties

- Thomas Clarkson and Sophie Clarkson's version of Stan Walker's Choose.


1:17 NZ dairy farm technology grabbing global attention

A simple device to show when a cow is in heat, developed in Hamilton, is getting peer-reviewed publications utilising the device accepted into the prestigious Journal of Dairy Science in the USA. 

Demand for "Flashmate" has been from all over the world. Co-developer of the technology, Matt Yallop talks to Jesse about why the small simple effective technology can impact a dairy farm's profits. 

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Photo: Supplied / Westland Milk Products

1:27 Women urged to "Take Your Space" to encourage gender equality at work

Women are being urged to take a step forward in their careers and workplaces to get payrises, promotions and make progress towards shutting down gender inequality in the boardroom.

Rachel Petero and Jo Cribb have co-authored the book, Take Your Space, offering advice and ways for women to get noticed and make moves to close the gender pay gap.

Rachel joins Jesse in the studio to expand on why women should make their presence known to get ahead.

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Photo: supplied


1.35 Two-part series on why so many NZ men are taking their own lives 

In a two-part special, presenter Matt Chisholm, goes on a mission to find out why our suicide rates for men are so high. 

He travels around the country talking to a cross section of New Zealand men for his special, Man Enough, which goes to air on TVNZ1 at 8.30 tonight.

He talks to Jesse about why he was compelled to make the short series. 

Matt Chisholm

Matt Chisholm Photo: Courtney Hooper 2017

1:50 Caspar Green - How to write a quiz

Today in our "How to write" series, Caspar Green, of @quizlivetonight joins Jesse to explain how to write a great quiz. He says there are all types of quizzes from live audience to radio and TV, individual and teams - and the key to success is to have questions in the lineup for everyone and to have fun. Caspar is about to launch a new quiz format in NZ ( @quizbingonewzealand on the socials ) at Holy Hop in Kingsland every Tuesday night at 7:00pm.

Caspar Green

Caspar Green Photo: Supplied

2:10 Lisa Glass - Three debut New Zealand novels

Critic Lisa Glass reviews three titles that were all published this year by Victoria University Press - The Boyfriend by Laura Southgate, 2000ft Above Worry Level by Eamonn Marra and The Swimmers, Chloe Lane

2:20 Simon Sweetman's one minute songs

Music journalist Simon Sweetman joins us in the studio for something a little bit different – he’s curated a playlist of one minute songs – for those times when you need a quick pick me up!

Robert Pollard, of Guided by Voices.

Robert Pollard, of Guided by Voices. Photo: Supplied

3:10 Robinhood - Tara Falcone on the app for millenials

Zero Commission stock trades. Whiz bang graphics and interface designed to make trading from a smartphone easy. What could possibly go wrong? Robinhood is an app with 10 million subscribers, many millennials making a foray into investments for the first time and they're making waves on Wall Street. We'll talk to certified financial planner Tara Falcone who says Robinhood is like giving the keys of sports car to a 12 year old. 

Tara Falcone is a certified financial planner, and the Founder of ReisUP..


Financial wellness programs for colleges and universities, corporations, and individuals. Learn how to budget, pay off debt, invest, get set for retirement, and achieve even your wildest financial dreams. Rise up and become empowered with your money.

Tara Falcone

Tara Falcone Photo: Joel Callaway Photography.

3:30 Stand and Deliver

Today, in Episode Four of Stand and Deliver, veteran broadcaster Ian Johnstone takes us to another part of Africa as he recalls his visit to Uganda twenty years ago.

3:45 The Panel with Ella Henry and Chester Borrows

Music played in this show

First Song - Kiwi Covers Montage

2.20 Music Feature - Simon Sweetman - one minute songs

1. The Beatles, Her Majesty (Abbey Road)
2. Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Tea For The Tillerman (Tea for the Tillerman)
3. Violent Femmes, Old Mother Reagan (The Blind Leading The Naked)
4. Violent Femmes, Dahmer is Dead (live version from Viva Wisconsin album)
5. Wire, It's So Obvious (Pink Flag)
6. Guided By Voices, Awful Bliss (Bee Thousand)
7. Guided by Voices, You're Not An Airplane (Bee Thousand)
8. Guided by Voices, Building A Castle (Suitcase 3)
9. White Stripes, Little Room (White Blood Cells)
10. Chris Knox, Ache (Seizure)
11. The Residents, The Nameless Souls (Commercial Album)
12. SJD, Break Away (Miniatures 1)
13. Tierra Whack, Flea Market (Whack World)
14. Tierra Whack, Pretty Ugly (Whack World)
15. J Dilla, Thunder (Donuts)
16. Erykah Badu, Sometimes - Mix # 9 (Baduizm)
17. Randy Newman, Every Man A King (Good Old Boys)
18. The Magnetic Fields, The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be (69 Love Songs)
19. Warren Zevon, I Need A Truck (Excitable Boy)
20. Daniel Johnston, Devil Town (1990)
21. Paul McCartney, The Lovely Linda (McCartney)

3.30 Song: Dallas Tamaira - No Flowers