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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 18 August 2020

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1:00 LIVE -  Covid Update

1:17 Unmasking the man behind the COVID theory 

Dylan Reeve's usually working in media post-production, but after a malicious conspiracy theory about the origins of the latest COVID outbreak did the rounds, he became an investigative journalist. 

He found the person who wrote the original reddit post which was used for the basis of a nasty, racist, untrue viral social media post. 

Dylan talks to Jesse about this guy, why he put his theories online and his regrets. 

internet troll man

Photo: 123RF

1:27 Trump says NZ's COVID resurgence is "big and terrible".

Feature Story's Simon Marks talks to Jesse about the US President, Donald Trump, referring to the community transmission COVID cases as being an example of where he doesn't want the US to be. 

He also updates the US Postal Service stoush and has more about Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden's pick for running mate, Senator Kamala Harris.

Simon Marks

Simon Marks Photo: Feature Story News

1:35 Why NZ should not adopt the Swedish approach to COVID 

Political reporter for Newsroom, Marc Daalder, has investigated theories about "living with COVID" in our community along the same lines as Sweden has approached the pandemic. 

He's found that compared to Sweden, our lock downs have led to us having greater freedoms than the Swedish as well as enjoying better economic decisions. 

He talks to Jesse about the long piece, unravelling the data and why an elimination approach is still the best option. 

Couple drinking coffee in Stockholm old town.

Photo: 123rf

2:10 Lisa Glass - books for vicariously taking you to other countries 

Lisa has discovered three books that take you to countries you can't go to during these Covid times of travel restrictions and border closures - Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts; Marching Powder- Rusty Young and Middle England- Jonathan Coe. 

2:20 The history of New Zealand music festivals

Since the early 1970s music festivals have been battling to sustain the attention of Aotearoa's music fans, from the Great Ngāruawāhia Festival to Rhythm and Alps. 

Massey University musicologist Jared Mackley-Crump joins Jesse to talk about his research on music festivals and play some tunes.

A punter rocks out at Big Day Out 2011, Western Springs.

A punter rocks out at Big Day Out 2011, Western Springs. Photo: Getty Images

3:10 Joan Lunden​ on the ageism and the loss of relevance

For American journalist Joan Lunden, the physical aspects of aging she expected, the wrinkles, loss of energy and even memory loss. But as she enters her 70's she was not prepared for ageism and loss of relevance she's often felt. She takes a funny and poignant look at the inevitability of growing old and how to thrive in her new book Why Did I Come into This Room? A Candid Conversation about Aging, 

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden Photo: Supplied

3:30  Healthy or Hoax

Turmeric makes some things taste better - but can it make us feel better too.

3:45 The Panel with Ella Henry and Mark Knoff-Thomas

Music played in this show

Music Feature: NZ Festivals Jared Mackley-Crump

Woodstock - Crosby, Stills and Nash 

Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Split Enz - Bold as Brass (from the Nambassa Album) 

Mi-Sex - Computer Games

Push Push Push - Trippin'

George - Headless Chickens

Goza Plinio Sierra - Toto La Momposina 

Benee - Glitter