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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 17 August 2020

1:00 Ministry of Health Covid 19 Update


1:15 Watercare CEO resigns 

The head of Auckland's Watercare, Raveen Jaduram has resigned as the supercity faces severe water shortages and restrictions. 

New Zealand Herald senior writer, Simon Wilson, speaks to Jesse about today's development. 

Upper Nihotupu Dam 2  pictured in recent days, when the water level was low.

Photo: Supplied / Watercare

1:17 Analysis of election delayed to October 17th

The Prime Minister has delayed this year's general election to October 17th. 

Jesse speaks to public relations consultant and former National Party press secretary, Ben Thomas, about the impact the delay may have on campaigning as well as how this development will sit in history. 

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Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

1.27 Stopping the spread of COVID misinformation

The Health minister moved to quash false and nasty information at a COVID update briefing, after the malicious rumour came to his attention. 

Jesse speaks to tech commentator, Paul Brislen, about the rise in online misinformation and the role the social media platforms have in moderating the spread of fake stories. 

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Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

1.34 Shipwreck Trading supplying treasures around NZ 

A retirement hobby has turned into a successful and growing business for Hutt Valley couple, Margie Petherick and Robert Baldock. 

Robert talks to Jesse about their shop, Shipwreck Trading, on the Seaview Marina and all about the people who travel from all over NZ to rifle through their salvaged treasures. 

1:45 Great NZ Album


2:10 Emma John's TV choices

Emma John reviews Perry Mason and High Fidelity - and gives a snapshot of five fun shows to watch during lockdown. The Gentleman - iTunes; Love on the Spectrum - Netflix;  A.P. Bio - Neon; Blockers - Netflix  and Dear John - Netflix


2:20 Black Sheep

Flora MacKenzie is one of the most colourful characters in New Zealand history: A hard drinking, hard talking brothel owner from the 1960s and 70s who won the affection of sex workers, police and punters alike. In this episode of Black Sheep, William Ray looks at the legend of Madam Flora

CONTENT WARNING: This episode of Black Sheep includes adult themes and might not be appropriate for younger listeners. 

Flora McKenzie with a collection of 5, 10 and 20 dollar notes fanned out in a circle together with a cheque and topped with a bow for payment of a fine. 1973

Flora McKenzie with a collection of 5, 10 and 20 dollar notes fanned out in a circle together with a cheque and topped with a bow for payment of a fine. 1973 Photo: Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 1622-003

2:40 Expert Feature: Aliens - Is there life out there?

Reports of otherworldly aircraft and creatures, alien abductions, flying saucers and unexplained bright lights have been around for hundreds of years. But what are the chances of intelligent life on another planet and could they travel through space to visit earth? Was Stephen Hawking right that we should attempt to conceal our presence? We put these questions and many of yours to Victoria University astrophysics lecturer, Dr Stephen Curran.

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Photo: Dr Stephen Curran- astrophysics lecturer, Victoria University


3:10 Memoirs and Misinformation by actor Jim Carrey and writer Dana Vachon

They call it an "anti-memoir", the novel by actor Jim Carrey and writer Dana Vachon that explores the price of fame and facade of status through the life of a certain person famous for physical comedy. We'll talk to Dana Vachon about working for 8 years on a novel where nothing is real, and all of it is true. It's called Memoirs and Misinformation

Memoirs and Misinformation

Memoirs and Misinformation Photo: Supplied

3:35 Voices

In 'Voices' today; producer and writer of the podcast series Widows of Shuhada, Lana Hart, talks to some of the widows of the Christchurch mosque attacks of 2019. The sentencing of the gunman is due to start in Christchurch next week. 

Widows of Shuhada production team. L-R: Narrator: Asha Abdi, Lead Producer: Lana Hart, Executive Producer: Nicki Reece, Production Assistant: Asma Azhar, Religious and Cultural Advisor: Jumayah Jones, Social Documentary Photographer: Janneth Gil

Photo: Janneth Gil

3:45 The Panel with Verity Johnson and Peter Dunne