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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 21 July 2020

1:10 First Song; Emily Edrosa - Drinking During The Day

Los Angeles based kiwi Emily Edrosa has released the first single from her new album Another Wave is Coming
She joins the show from LA today for First Song.


1:17 Disgraced MP's harassment revealed over past 24 hours

Disgraced MP Andrew Falloon's been forced to resign from Parliament over revelations he sent sexually inappropriate images to several women.

He also lied to his party's leader, Judith Collins, who has referred the matter back to the police.

Jesse speaks to Ali Mau, the founder of #metoo New Zealand about her Stuff investigative project which deals with sexual abuse and harassment around the country.

National MP for Rangitata Andrew Falloon with Gerry Brownlee and then-leader Todd Muller announcing the party's policy for a four-lane highway between Christchurch and Ashburton.

National MP for Rangitata Andrew Falloon with Gerry Brownlee and then-leader Todd Muller announcing the party's policy for a four-lane highway between Christchurch and Ashburton. Photo: RNZ / Nate McKinnon

1:27 Expect more large destructive weather patterns

Following the weekend flooding in Northland, Professor James Renwick, says we should brace ourselves for more of these extreme events.

The head of Victoria University's school of geography, environment and earth sciences explains to Jesse that because of climate change there will be one in 500 year weather more often.

Cows escaping flood waters on Waihue Road in Dargaville.

Photo: Supplied / Robert du Preez

1:35 Mindful Fashion campaign to save garment making industry

Mindful Fashion, a collective of businesses in the fashion scene, are launching a new campaign to save the garment manufacturing industry.

One of the collective's founders, Kate Sylvester talks to Jesse about how dire the situation is and why its so important to save for local designers.

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Photo: Supplied / Kate Sylvester

1:50 Calls for the Northern Explore passenger train to get back on line

There's been frustrations expressed about Kiwirail mothballing the Northern Explorer passenger rail service between Auckland and Wellington at a time when domestic tourism is strong.

Thomas Nash of the New Zealand Alternative think tank talks to Jesse about why rail is so important to getting people moving around the north island.

Northern Explorer crossing the Hapuwhenua Viaduct

Northern Explorer crossing the Hapuwhenua Viaduct Photo: Supplied / KiwiRail

2:10 Claire Mabey on books

Claire Mabey reviews Sprigs  by Brannavan Gnanalingam and Handiwork by Sara Baume.

2:20 The music of Paul McCartney

Music critic Simon Sweetman takes a look at the long musical career of Sir Paul McCartney - from his time with The Beatles, Wings and his long solo career.

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Photo: wikimedia commons/Wikiportrait - Eddie Janssens - - 1350317931.jpg

3:10 Chemist George Zaidan on the chemicals we eat, drink and put on our skin

If the list of chemicals on the packet of your favorite food is disturbing, you should see the list of chemicals that make up the human body. Chemist George Zaidan takes a good look at what's in what we eat, drink,and smear on our bodies. He offers a chemist's perspective on our diets in his new book, Ingredients: The Strange Chemistry of What We Put in Us and on Us.

George Zaidan

George Zaidan Photo: Supplied

3:30 Healthy or Hoax  

Today, we launch season two of Healthy or Hoax - the RNZ series which looks at current health trends to find out if they're actually as good for us as they claim to be - this episode looks at Coolsculpting.

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Photo: Supplied

3:45 The Panel with Lynda Hallinan and Pattrick Smellie

Music played in this show

First Song:

Title: Drinking During the Day

Artist: Emily Edrosa

Time: 1323


Music Feature with Simon Sweetman - Paul McCartney:

Title: Valentine Day

Artist: Paul McCartney

Time: 1418


Title: Loup (First Indian on the Moon)

Artist: Paul McCartney & Wings

Time: 1424


Title: 3 Legs

Artist: Paul & Linda McCartney

Time: 1429


Title: 3 Legs (Instrumental)

Artist: Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington

Time: 1433


Title: Bison

Artist: The Fireman

Time: 1438


Title: Watercolour Rushes

Artist: The Fireman

Time: 1440


Title: Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight

Artist: The Fireman

Time: 1441


Title: Darkroom

Artist: Paul McCartney

Time: 1448


Title: Check My Machine

Artist: Paul McCartney

Time: 1451


Title: Temporary Secretary

Artist: Paul McCartney

Time: 1457


Title: The Way You Make Me Feel

Artist: White Chapel Jak 

Time: 1530