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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 20 July 2020

1:10 First song


1:17 Oral health concerns for kiwi kids

Researchers in Canterbury found that nearly twenty percent of five year olds had cavities and other forms of dental decay.

Report author, Dr Martin Lee, who's also Christchurch's Community Dental Service clinical director, talks to Jesse about they have uncovered and what needs to change.

A child's mouth showing rotten and decaying teeth.

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1.27 Messages from NZ campaign launched

Government agencies have collaborated on a campaign to make sure we don't get forgotten by overseas consumers and potential tourists while our borders are closed.

Tourism Chief Executive, Stephen England-Hall, talks to Jesse about the "Messages from NZ" initiative and why its so important to have a presence overseas even when people can't travel here.

1.34 How We Got Happy a result of depression experiences

Friends Eve McFarlane and Jonathan Nabbs both beat depression in their 20s, but struggled to find tools to relate to along the way to recovery.

In response they have published a book, How We Got Happy, to fill the gap in order to help other young New Zealanders recovering from depression.

Eve McFarlane speaks to Jesse about the final product and their website dedicated to the book.

Jonathan Nabbs and Eve McFarlane

Jonathan Nabbs and Eve McFarlane Photo:

1:45 Great NZ Album


2:10 Television Critic

Caitlin Cherry talks about two shows that she thinks perfectly capture moral ambiguity; Snowpiercer (netflix) and Ray Donovan (Neon).

Portrait of Count Felix Von Luckner

Portrait of Count Felix Von Luckner Photo: Public Domain

2:20 Black Sheep

RNZ's Black Sheep podcast investigates the life story of Count Felix von Luckner: A child aristocrat who ran away to sea.

Von Luckner captained the last square-rigged sailing ship ever to serve in combat, sailed two thousand miles across the Pacific in a lifeboat and led the most embarrassing jailbreak in NZ history.

This the second of a two part series on Von Luckner.

2:40 Spice expert 

For today's expert segment, we're going to spice things up...

Jesse speaks to  chef, spice master, cookbook author, and owner of a biscuits and spice shop - La Boîte - in New York city. 

Lior Lev Sercarz joins Jesse from is on the line now from NYC's Upper West Side to talk spices. 

Chef and spice expert Lior Lev Sercaz.

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3:10 Emily Strayer of The Chicks (formerly the Dixie Chicks)

The band formerly known as The Dixie Chicks has a new name and a new album, the first in 14 years. The Chicks have been incubating some hurts from divorce, and serious ghosting by the country music industry after controversial comments. We'll talk to one of the Chick's, Emily Strayer, about Gaslighter  and the return to the spotlight.   

3:35 Voices

In 'Voices' today;  Kadambari  Gladding finds more about 85 year-old Tuma Hazou's long and fascinating life as a journalist in the Middle east.  

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Photo: Tuma Hazou

3:45 The Panel with Chamanthie Sinhalage-Fonseka and Chris Wikaira




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