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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 15 January 2020

Summer Afternoons is hosted by Karyn Hay from 13th-17th January. Jesse Mulligan is back on the 20th of January.

1:10 First Song: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - SB-07 [Part 3]

1:15 Update on Iraq with Negar Partow

Senior lecturer in the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at Massey University, Negar Partow talks us through the latest events in Iraq.

1.23 Farmer pens open letter over land use concern

Henry Gaddum farms sheep and cattle inland from Gisborne. He wrote an open letter voicing his deep concerns, and the concerns of others, about the future of the Gisborne/East Coast when it comes to land use, and that he wants to do something about it.

Tairawhiti farmer Henry Gaddum and his dog Tau.

Tairawhiti farmer Henry Gaddum and his dog Tau. Photo: supplied

1.30 Silent pedestrian crossings dangerous for blind people

Silent pedestrian crossing signals in central Wellington are causing concerns for the visually impaired community. Chris Orr from Blind and Low Vision NZ discusses the issue.

Blind and Low Vision NZ's access awareness advisor Chris Orr.

Blind and Low Vision NZ's access awareness advisor Chris Orr. Photo: supplied


1:37 Poet Oscar Upperton to release debut book 'New Transgender Blockbusters'

Poet Oscar Upperton has published work for The Spinoff, Metro and Best New Zealand Poems - and now he is about to release his debut book New Transgender Blockbusters, which is being published by Victoria University Press.

Oscar Upperton 'New Transgender Blockbusters' cover

Oscar Upperton 'New Transgender Blockbusters' cover Photo: Supplied


1:45 Great Album: Tanita Tikaram - Ancient Heart

Today's great album is Tanita Tikaram's debut album "Ancient Heart"  released in 1988 when she was just 19 years old.

2:05 Eating green with British food writer Melissa Hemsley

British food writer and home cook Melissa Hemsley formed Hemsley + Hemsley with her older sister Jasmine in 2010, and the pair champion simple food that is nutritious, delicious and easy. Melissa has just released her new cookbook Eat Green: Delicious Flexitarian Recipes for Planet-Friendly Eating.  We also have a few of her recipes to share, including this delicious Chermoula Cauliflower on Herby Bean Dip and her fabulous Fridge-Raid Frittata.

Melissa Hemsley with Nelly

Melissa Hemsley with Nelly Photo: Penguin Random house


2:30 Bookmarks with Sam Harman

Sam Harman aka Sam Harmony is a co-founder of Friendly Potential, an Auckland-based collective that puts on safe-space dance gigs around the country. The collective is launching a new one-day called Beacon Festival, which will see a line-up including Russian DJ Nina Kravitz and veteran Richie Hawtin performing on the edge of the Waitemata Harbour in March. Sam joins Karyn to give a peek behind the curtains at promotor life, and shares some of his favourite books, music and television.


3:10 Summer Podcasts with Danielle Street

Danielle shares some podcasts for good roadtrip listening: The Ballad of Billy Balls, Inside The Big Day Out, The Worst Sitcom Ever Made, The Polybius Conspiracy.


3:35 Using psychedelics to treat PTSD and depression

Psychedelics are experiencing a renaissance. Locked in the drugs cabinet in a haze of moral panic in the 60s, drugs like LSD, MDMA and magic mushrooms are now offering promising results in the treatment of PTSD, depression and addiction. Rick Doblin has been at the forefront of efforts to lead these drugs out of exile.  He's the founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies or MAPS.

Rick Doblin

Rick Doblin Photo: Supplied


4:05 The Panel  Law and Order with Ruth Money and Mike Williams