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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 16 January 2020

Summer Afternoons is hosted by Karyn Hay from 13th-17th January. Jesse Mulligan is back on the 20th of January.

1:10 First Song: Unknown Mortal Orchesta -SB-07 [part four]


1:15 The impact of skim reading on our brains

Do you feel like you've lost the skill of deep reading? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to stay with a literary novel? Dr Judith Seaboyer is the senior lecturer in the School of Communications and Arts at the University of Queensland and she has found there's plenty of evidence to suggest we must take this "unease" seriously.


1.25 Don't dump it, upcycle it! 

How often have you driven past an charity shop after hours in the past few weeks - or at any time of the year actually - and seen piles of things dumped outside it's closed doors? It's a particularly visible sight after Christmas, and so with this new year just beginning, instead of dumping the things you don't want, Auckland Council is promoting upcycling to start 2020.

Lawn mowers are a popular item to be found in the rubbish and ideal for upcycling.

Lawn mowers are a popular item to be found in the rubbish and ideal for upcycling. Photo: supplied


1.34 ninthWave: PhD student builds unique soundsystem

Auckland-based DJ and PhD student Laura Marsh is combining her music and arts practice to build a large soundsystem called ninthWave, which she reckons is Aotearoa's first soundsystem designed and built by a woman. The ninthWave soundsystem will be making an appearance at the Splore music and arts festival next month.


1:45 Great Album: The Pogues - Rum Sodomy and the Lash

Karyn Hay takes a dive into the second studio album by the folk punk band The Pogues.


2:05 Day Trips with Lisa Jansen

Lisa Jansen ditched the 9-5 lifestyle in favour of living in a self-contained campervan and travelling around Aotearoa. She tells us about why she chose the roadie life and shares some of her favourite daytrip spots. Here's Lisa's blog Life Done Differently.

Lisa Jansen with her campervan

Lisa Jansen with her campervan Photo: Supplied

2:30  NZ Bio: Nicky Pellegrino on Angela D'Audney

Next month will mark 18 years since the death of New Zealand's 'first lady of broadcasting' Angela D'Audney. Before her death in February 2002 from cancer, Angela with author Nicky Pellegrino to write a biography of her life.  

Angela D'Audney

Angela D'Audney Photo: Supplied / The Dominion Post


3:10 Summer books with Kiran Dass

Book reviewer Kiran Dass shares some titles worth bunking down with over summer.


3:35 How emotions leave their marks on our hearts

Every break up, every loss, every time we fall in love it leaves a mark in our hearts. A record of our emotional lives is written on our hearts according to Dr Sandeep Jauhar. He's a US-based cardiologist and author who says hearts physically change shape in response to grief, fear and other intense emotion.

Dr Sandeep Jauhar

Dr Sandeep Jauhar Photo: Supplied


4:05 The Panel with Lynda Hallinan and Conor English