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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 23 April 2018

Jim Mora presents the show today

Short Story Club

This week our story is Antony Millen's Fishing the Pungapunga

The prize for the writer of the best email about this is his novel Te Kauhanga

1:10 First song

1:17 South Invercargill on the move

An urban regeneration project in South Invercargill is transforming an area that had become a neglected part of the city. South Alive was started in 2012 with the aim of turning things around in South Invercargill and it was recently named runner-up at the Trustpower National Community of the Year awards.

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1:25 Getting enough Vitamin D over summer

With the days getting shorter, have we stored enough vitamin D from the summer sun to get us through the winter?

Dr Pamela von Hurst from Massey University's Vitamin D Research centre is an advisor to the Ministry of Health. She explains how long our vitamin D stores last, and the best ways to retain those levels over winter.

It's a hot start to 2018.

It's a hot start to 2018. Photo: 123RF

1:35 Teaching safe sleep with doll play

When public health nurse Sharon Ayto was watching children play with traditional Maori woven flax infant baskets at a work shop she suddenly had an idea that could help in the fight against the unexplained sudden deaths of babies.

She realised a good way to teach children about safe sleeping for babies would be through doll play at pre-school.

baby in flax sleeping pod

Photo: Whakawhetū

1:40 The myth of the Anzac biscuit

Carmel Cedro is doing a PhD on baking, nostalgia and femininity at the Auckland University of Technology. She has been looking at Anzac biscuits and some of the myths that surround them.

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1:40 Great album: Tom Jones Greatest Hits

2:10 Black Sheep

The Story of Kimble Bent, a Pākehā soldier who deserted the British army during the Maori wars and joined the Maori side.

2:20 Expert feature: Dr Jean McKinnon and octopuses

For many the octopus is one of the strangest creatures on the planet. Dr Jean McKinnon from the University of Otago joins us with her expertise on octopuses and tells us everything we need to know about the eight-legged creature.


3:10 Jann Arden on losing her mother to dementia

When Canadian singer Songwriter Jann Arden's mum started losing her memories to Alzheimer's disease, she told her daughter her mind might forget her one day but her heart never would. 

Arden started sharing these anguishing moments with her fans on Facebook.  Her honesty about the guilt and frustration, the sadness and the joy of time spent with her mum hit a note with her audience. 

The Facebook posts have become a new book where Arden describes the comfort of cooking for her mum and the challenges of Alzheimer's.

The book is called Feeding My Mother: Comfort and Laughter in the Kitchen as My Mom Lives with Memory Loss

Jann Adern and her mother

Jann Adern and her mother Photo: Facebook

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Mihingarangi Forbes and Sam Johnson