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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 22 January 2018

Short Story Club

This Thursday we discuss the short story How Women Behave When Men are Losing their Wives by Sue Orr.

1:10 Guy Wishart performs live

Last year Guy Wishart won the Tui for Best Folk Album of the Year for West By North. His latest project though, is more about helping other musicians. He's set up a not for profit music venue, Kumeu Live, where audiences pay just 20 dollars to get in and can bring their own drinks, and the artists who perform take 80 percent of the door takings. 

Kumeu Live

Kumeu Live Photo: supplied

1:15 Southern women not getting enough vitamin D

An Otago University study has revealed a worrying levels of vitamin D deficiency in Southern New Zealand women.

The findings, just published in the journal Nutrients, found rates of vitamin D deficiency were very high - in 65 per cent of mothers and 76 per cent of the infants studied. And there was evidence of rickets in three infants.

Otago University endocrinologist, Ben Wheeler, who conducted the study says there needs to be a fully funded, universal vitamin D supplement available for New Zealand women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

1:20 Dog Attack on Piha Dotterels

The sensitive dotterel population has been dealt a deathly blow after one newly hatched chick at Auckland's Piha beach was attacked and killed by a dog. The Auckland Council's Biosecurity Advisor Ben Paris talks about how important it is to protect these birds and how dog owners can help.

1:35 Coastal Properties May Lose Insurance

There may come a day when your coastal property is refused insurance because of the high-risk of storm damage and erosion due to rising sea-levels.
Belinda Storey is a climate economist from Climate Sigma. She talks to Jesse about how it's a matter of when not if insurance companies will stop insuring coastal properties and she's working on a formula to predict this.

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Photo: Belinda Storey

1:40 Great album

2:10 Television Critic Alex Casey

Alex reviews:

American Crime Story - the assassination of Giani Versace (Soho)

The End of the F***ing World (netflix)

The Casketeers (TVNZ 1)

2:20 Largest Mersenne Prime Number Discovered

Tennessee man Jonathan Pace has discovered the largest known Mersenne prime number. He tells us why he took up the search and what the discovery means to him.

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Photo: NPR

2:30 Expert: Rammed Earth Houses

Rammed earth houses are made of walls of a rammed mixture of things like sand, silt and clay in between flat panels. And they are becoming increasingly popular. Last year a rammed earth house in a small Chinese village won the award for World Building of the Year.

Our expert this week is Paul Geraets who is the Company Director of Terra Firma - a company building rammed earth houses here in New Zealand. He tells us how they are made, and what the benefits are.

3:10 Getting your house in order

There's a reason why tidying up is called a chore. Very few people actually enjoy cleaning the house and organizing the clutter. 

Rachel Hoffmann knows the feeling. She offers practical advice for real people about getting the house in order for life, not a photo shoot for a glossy magazine in her book UnF*** Your Habitat.  It's a guide to taking small steps and forming good habits that can help us become neater while remaining a little lazy at the same time.

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Photo: Flickr

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Bernard Hickey and Penny Ashton