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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 25 September 2017


On Thursday Jesse will be presenting the show from Dunedin ahead of the Silver Scrolls, so our short story for the 28th of September by a Dunedin based author, Vincent O'Sullivan; The Families.

And we are very pleased to announce that Jesse Mulligan will be hosting the Short Story Club LIVE at Wellington's Litcrawl in November. People can submit their short stories to be considered for discussion, preferably unpublished. Details in the link above.

1:10 First song

We're playing the Silver Scrolls finalists this week. Today's it's Green Light by Lorde

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Photo: VUW

1:15 Why BA graduates could run the country

The Bachelor of Arts is a fairly broad degree. It covers specialties from arts and social sciences to communications and history.

But it has been under pressure over the past few years as universities focus on the STEM subjects, which are seen as better for the student's job prospects and the future of the NZ economy.

But in the next decade or so, more than 45 per cent of jobs are expected to change or become automated, and Stuart Brock from Victoria University says it is arts graduates who are perfectly placed to leverage the unpredictable economic environment of the future to their advantage.

Painting of Shakspeare Before Thomas Lucy by Thomas Brooks (d 1891) - scanned from book Great Victorian Engavings

Painting of Shakspeare Before Thomas Lucy by Thomas Brooks (d 1891) - scanned from book Great Victorian Engavings Photo: wikipedia

1:25 The Queensland Heatwave and its impact on NZ

Daylight saving has started with a bang, bringing unseasonably warm weather from across the Tasman.

While parts of New Zealand have already hit 20 degrees today Australia is facing some of its highest temperatures for September in decades.

Residents in the state of Queensland have been warned to stay inside during the day as the mercury rises past 30 degrees.

Adam Blazak from Australia's Bureau for Meterology explains what is going on.

And we talk to NIWA forecaster Seth Carrier on why that's contibuting to the gale northerlies and thunderstorms hitting parts of the country.

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1:35 Study into use of dogs to detect lung cancer

Lung cancer is the biggest cause of cancer death in New Zealand. mainly because it's detected late, when it's already spread to other parts of the body.

A researcher at Waikato university,. Dr Tim Edwards has just been given a research grant to look into training dogs to sniff out lung cancer in its early stages.

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1:40 Great album: Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf was written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936

2:10 Television Critic Linda Burgess

Linda has been assessing all the television election coverage, including RNZ's tv broadcast.

2:30 Notable Trees of New Zealand

Our expert guest today is one of New Zealand's most notable tree experts. Brad Cadwallader manages the New Zealand Tree Register  an online record of all of our finest trees -  from the largest red flowering gum in the world, which is in Hamilton, to the tallest Norfolk pine - which is in Tauranga - to trees that have been planted by princes and queens.

3:10 How America and reality parted company

Humans landed on the moon and Barack Obama was born in America. These are all  well documented facts. But some people still refuse to accept them.

Americans have a long tradition of letting strongly held beliefs triumph over facts says Kurt Andersen, a novelist and  co-founder of Spy magazine. He says fake news is nothing new.

He explains why so many people believe what they want to believe and the consequences of blurring reality in his book Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire, a 500-Year History.

Buzz Aldin salutes the US flag on the moon

Buzz Aldin salutes the US flag on the moon Photo: Wiki Commons

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Nevil Gibson and Bernard Hickey


Music played in this show


1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Lorde
TITLE:      Green Light
COMP:     Ella Yelich-O'Connor, Jack Antonoff, Joel Little
ALBUM:   Melodrama    
LABEL:    Universal

1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:
ARTIST:    The New York Philharmonic Orchestra (Leonard Bernstein)    
TITLE:      Peter and The Wolf
COMP:     Sergei Prokofiev
ALBUM:   Peter and The Wolf / Nutcracker Suite
LABEL:    Columbia

ARTIST:    Dusty Springfield
TITLE:      I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
COMP:     Burt Bacharach, Hal David
ALBUM:   Dusty: The Silver Collection
LABEL:    Phillips