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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 7 February 2017

1:10 First song

1:15 Trump and World Peace

A leading peacebuilding expert says President Donald Trump, will need to be restrained if we're going to have peace in the next five years. Professor Kevin P Clements is the chair and director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago. And secretary general of the International Peace Research Association. He's an expert on disarmament, arms control, conflict resolution, development and regional security issues.

'President Donald Trump, will need to be restrained if we're going to have peace in the next five years.'

'President Donald Trump, will need to be restrained if we're going to have peace in the next five years.' Photo: Pixabay

1.25 Under The Bridge

A new documentary, Under The Bridge, looks at the state of education through the eyes of Year 13 students, from one of the most disadvantaged schools in New Zealand - Papakura High. It shares the stories of three high school students, and their principal, as they fight for their future. And it tackles key social issues such as child poverty, housing and education. It was produced and directed by Herald journalists Mike Scott and Kirsty Johnston.

1.35 Managing Anxious Children

The start of the new school year is a time of excitement and nervous anticipation, but for some young people those nerves can bubble up into fully-fledged anxiety. A Massey University psychologist says parents have a key role in helping kids to manage anxiety. Dr Kirsty Ross is senior clinical psychologist and lecturer at Massey's Psychology Clinic.

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1:45 Favourite Album

Dunken Frances has picked the self-titled album by Henika.

2:10 Book reviewer, Pip Adam

Pip Adam, from the podcast "Better Off Read" is talking Cook Books today, specifically "World Vegetarian" by
Madhur Jaffrey and "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins.

2:20 The History of the "Maori Strum"

In our Music Feature today music historian Michael Brown looks at the origins of the Maori guitar strum and how it is used in kiwi music.

Michael Brown is the curator of Music at the Alexander Turnbull Library 

The Maori Strum

The Maori Strum Photo: You Tube

Donu Kogbara

Donu Kogbara Photo: supplied

3:10 Donu Kogbara: understanding my kidnappers

For 13 days, former Sunday Times columnist Donu Kogbara was held hostage by kidnappers in Nigeria. They threatened to rape or kill her if a ransom was not paid. But through that fog of fear, she managed to talk to her kidnappers, understand their poverty, their desperation and their reasons for taking her.  She talks about her ordeal AND the larger issue from the perspective of the victim and perspective of the the kidnapper.

3:30 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

4:05 The Panel with Chris Wikaira and Penny Ashton


Music played in this show

1:00pm - 4:00pm

1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Rufus Wainwright
TITLE:      Going To A Town
COMP:     Rufus Wainwright
ALBUM:   Release The Stars
LABEL:    Geffen

ARTIST:    Henika
TITLE:      The River
COMP:     Henrieta Tornyai
ALBUM:    Henika EP
LABEL:     iTunes

ARTIST:    Henika
TITLE:      Torn In Two
COMP:     Henrieta Tornyai
ALBUM:    Henika EP
LABEL:     iTunes  

2:25pm: - MUSIC FEATURES:    
ARTIST:    The Consorts
TITLE:      Maoris On 45
COMP:     Trad: Arr: Dalvanius Prime
ALBUM:   Single release    
LABEL:    RCA Victor

ARTIST:    Te Hokiwhitu-a-tu Maori Club  
TITLE:      Arohina Mai
COMP:     George Gershwin
ALBUM:   Ake Ake Kia Kaha E: Maori Battalion Songs
LABEL:    Atoll

ARTIST:    The Howard Morrison Quartet
TITLE:      Hoki Mai (Live)
COMP:     Henare Waitoa, Tune Charles, Nick Kenny
ALBUM:   THe Howard Morrison Story
LABEL:    Stebbing

ARTIST:    The Gay Notes
TITLE:      Pa Mai
COMP:     Alan Armstrong, Reupena Ngata.
ALBUM:   Promo
LABEL:    Kiwi

ARTIST:    Crowded House
TITLE:      Don't Dream It's Over (Home Demo)
COMP:     Neil Finn
ALBUM:   Crowded House (Bonus disc)
LABEL:    Capitol

ARTIST:    Henika
TITLE:      Show Me Your Light
COMP:     Henrieta Tornyai
ALBUM:   Henika EP
LABEL:     iTunes  

ARTIST:     Jimmy Buffett
TITLE:       Cheeseburger In Paradise
COMP:      Jimmy Buffett
ALBUM:    Son of a Son of a Sailor