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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 3 February 2017

1:10 Louis Baker : In Session

Louis Baker performs Gave It All Away live in studio.

Louis Baker

Louis Baker Photo: Steve Stills

1.15 Gisborne Drought Risk

The weather conditions are dry, dry and getting dire in the Gisborne District. It has recorded the driest January in 112 years - with just 4mm measured at the airport's rain gauge. Federated Farmers is looking to seek a drought declaration, unless there's some meaningful rain. Gisborne District Council has enforced a level two water restriction today, meaning a ban on the use of sprinklers. Charlie Reynolds is the provincial president of Federated Farmers Gisborne/Wairoa.

Gisborne District has recorded the driest January in 112 years.

Gisborne District has recorded the driest January in 112 years. Photo: RNZ/ Patrick Phelps

1:25 Dog Owner Lookalikes

Do dogs look like their owners? This seems to be a commonly-held belief. We had a quick look online for famous people and their dogs and found Will Smith with a bull-dog also with a German Shepherd, Lady Gaga with a French bull-dog, Elizabeth Taylor with a white fluffy dog, Liam Gallagher with a British bull-dog, Leonardo Di Caprio with a French bull-dog, Jackie Chan has Golden Retrievers, the Obama's have their spaniels, and of course there was Paris Hilton and her handbag Chihuahua.

Susie Brown decided to put the theory of dogs looking like their owners to the test, she is holding an exhibition in Wellington, and wants those attending to vote on whether the owners look like their dogs.

1:35 Critter of The Week: The Fairy Tern

DOC's threatened species ambassador, Nicola Toki, talks fairy terns.

Fairy tern.

Fairy tern. Photo: Thomas Musson, New Zealand Birds Online

1:45 Favourite Album

2:10 Richard Swainson's Film Review

Richard reviews Hidden Figures and Lion

2:20 Bringing extinct species back to NZ

Otago University zoologist, Professor Phil Seddon believes its only a matter of time before technological advances allow us to being animals back from extinction.

He's been examining the implications of this, including the risks it could pose and he says New Zealand is the ideal place to reintroduce several extinct species.

Moa illustration by Heinrich Harder

Moa illustration by Heinrich Harder Photo: Wikipedia

2:30 New Zealand Live: Neil Watson

Neil Watson

Neil Watson Photo: Supplied

Jazz Guitarist Neil Watson has played with the best; American jazz saxophonist and 15 time Grammy winner Michael Brecker, jazz singer, pianist and Grammy award winner Diane Shuur and many others.  At 18 he became a member of the Rodger Fox Big band and will release his second album titled "Studies In Tubular" next Friday.  We are about to get a preview of the album today.

Margaret Brooker: At the Beach

3:10 Food: Margaret Brooker: At the Beach

Food writer and Le Cordon Bleu lecturer Margaret Brooker has just released her cookbook memoir, At the Beach.

She shares a recipe for Chicken with Chickpeas & Verjuice

3:20 Wine: Joelle Thomson 

Wine writer and tutor, Joelle Thomson has been at Pinot Noir NZ 2017

3:30 Lynda Hallinan on preserving

Gardening guru Lynda Hallinan has been preserving her summer fruits

3:40 Music with RNZ's Alex Behan 

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

4:05 The Panel with Duncan Webb and Raybon Kan

Music played in this show

1:00pm - 4:00pm

1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Louis Baker
TITLE:      Gave It All Away
COMP:     Louis Baker
ALBUM:   Single
LIVE:        RNZ Auckland

ARTIST:    Ry Cooder
TITLE:      Ax Sweet Mama
COMP:     Sleepy John Estes
ALBUM:   Boomer's Story
LABEL:     Reprise

ARTIST:    Ry Cooder
TITLE:      The Dark End Of The Street
COMP:     Dan Penn, Chips Moman
ALBUM:  Boomer's Story
LABEL:    Reprise  

ARTIST:    Ry Cooder
TITLE:      Boomer's Story
COMP:     Carson Robison
ALBUM:   Boomer's Story
LABEL:    Reprise

2:25pm: - NEW ZEALAND LIVE:    
ARTIST:    Neil Watson
TITLE:      Sweet Corn And Melon
COMP:     Neil Watson
ALBUM:   Studies In Tubular
LIVE:       RNZ Auckland

ARTIST:    Neil Watson
TITLE:      Meat Is The Head
COMP:     Neil Watson
ALBUM:   Studies In Tubular
LIVE:       RNZ Auckland

ARTIST:    Neil Watson
TITLE:      (Ghost) Riders in The Sky: A Cowboy Legend
COMP:     Stan Jones
ALBUM:   Unreleased
LIVE:        RNZ Auckland

ARTIST:    Neil Watson
TITLE:      Wes De Money
COMP:     Neil Watson
ALBUM:   Studies In Tubular
LIVE:        RNZ Auckland

ARTIST:    Buddy Holly & The Crickets
TITLE:      Not Fade Away
COMP:     Charles Hardin,  Norman Petty
ALBUM:   The "Chirping" Crickets
LABEL:    Brunswick     

3:40pm: - MUSIC 101 PROMO:
ARTIST:    Sampha
TITLE:      (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano
COMP:     Sampha
ALBUM:   Process
LABEL:    Young Turks