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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 31 October 2016

1:10 First song: "Hate that I don't Love You"

From last Friday's NZ Live, with Hopetown Brown and Tami Neilson

Scary faces created by the Nightmare Machine

Scary faces created by the Nightmare Machine Photo:

1:15 The Nightmare Machine

A team of scientists have created a terrifying machine.

It's an artificial intelligence algorithm that teaches other computers how to terrify us, and how to create new images to scare us as well.

Dr Manuel Cebrian Ramos is from the Australian research unit Data61 and he teamed up with colleagues at MIT to work on the Nightmare Machine.

Turning the Sydney Opera House into a haunting image

Turning the Sydney Opera House into a haunting image Photo:

1:25 Kahurangi the talking Kokako

Kahurangi the kōkako.

Kahurangi the kōkako. Photo: Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre

The kōkako has been named Bird of the Year. The blue-wattled crow received 3614 votes, more than a thousand votes ahead of its nearest rival, the kea which garnered 2608.

One special kōkako is Kahurangi, who lives at Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre. Conservation manager, Todd Jenkinson, explains what's so special about her.

1:25 The art of giving

Last week on The Panel, Gordon Harcourt talked about life after Fair Go, and how he is enjoying his time as a "house husband" as he calls it. He also talked about how he is spending a lot more time doing volunteer work... which he says is an incredibly powerful force.  

There are many people quietly doing good - either volunteering their time and skills or giving money to charities

And there are others who want to but are just not sure how.

The new CEO of the Auckland Communities Foundation, Dellwyn Stuart joins Jesse in the studio to talk about the best ways to be philanthropic  

1:35 Kiwi self publishing success

When Auckland writer James Russell got made redundant from The New Zealand earlier this year - and so filled his backpack with the children's books he'd been writing on the side and bought himself a ticket to Italy to attend the largest children's book fair in the world.

It was a fateful trip, and his Dragon Brothers series have been picked up by publishers in China, the US, Canada and the UK.

His books are self published, and he has also developed an augmented reality App to go with the books - the first of its kind in New Zealand.

1:40 Favourite album: Pokey Lafarge: Something in the Water

2:05 Popping pills to get through exams

New Zealand Student Association national president, Linsey Higgins, says she's noticed a spike in the number of university students taking Ritalin to maintain their grades and it's a growing concern.

The Students Association believes more students are taking drugs like Ritalin to get through exams

The Students Association believes more students are taking drugs like Ritalin to get through exams Photo: The Wireless

2:15 Black Sheep: Faith Fraud. The story of Arthur Worthington

Arthur Worthington

Arthur Worthington Photo: Canterbury Museum

Arthur Worthington was a con artist who travelled the USA, marrying rich women then abandoning them and stealing all their money. With private detectives hot on his tail in 1890, he jumped on a ship bound for Christchurch where he set up his own religion and his own church, the famous Temple of Truth.

But when his history in the United States caught up with him Worthington had to face the music in an angry confrontation. It got so out of hand that for the first time ever time in New Zealand the Riot Act had to be read to disperse the crowds.

In a new Black Sheep podcast, William Ray speaks to religious history professor Peter Lineham, who asks why Worthington did it. Was he a common crook? Was he psychopathic? Was he a true believer?

2:20 Lucy Stewart: Life in extreme places

Lucy Stewart has always wanted to know if there is any form of life on other planets... unfortunately there's no way she can get to Jupiter's moon Europa to see if there is bacterial life under the ice, but she can study the organisms that survive in the earth's most extreme environments.

She is a post doctoral researcher in Geomicrobiology at GNS, and lately has been focussing on thermafiles - that is hte organisms that grow in very hot places, such as volcanic vents.

She talks to Jesse about life in extreme places, and poses some questions for the audience.

3:10 The Tao of Bill Murray

You know Bill Murray  as the  comedian and actor in movies like  Ghostbuster, Caddyshack and Lost in Translation.   He's less well known for random acts of silliness like crashing a 20-something dinner party, arranging the drinks and chatting about the virtues of sweet potato casserole.

Journalist Gavin Edwards has a new book that reveals some of the antics Bill Murray has pulled over the past 40 years, like daring a kid to ride his bike into a swimming pool for five dollars and photobombing wedding photos. For Bill Murray its all about joy and spontaneity. 

The book is called The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightment, and Party Crashing

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

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1:00pm - 4:00pm

ARTIST:    Hopetoun Brown
TITLE:        Hate I Don't Love You (Feat: Tami Neilson)
COMP:    Tim Stewart, Tami Neilson
ALBUM:    Look So Good
LIVE         RNZ Akld

ARTIST:    Pokey LaFarge
TITLE:        When Did You Leave Heaven
COMP:    Walter Bullock, Richard A. Whiting
ALBUM:    Something In The Water
LABEL:    Rounder

ARTIST:    Pokey LaFarge
TITLE:        Bad Girl
COMP:    Pokey LaFarge
ALBUM:    Something In The Water
LABEL:    Rounder

ARTIST:    Pokey LaFarge
TITLE:        Goodbye, Barcelona
COMP:    Pokey LaFarge
ALBUM:    Something In The Water
LABEL:    Rounder

ARTIST:    Neil Finn
TITLE:        Last One Standing
COMP:    Neil Finn
ALBUM:    Try Whistling This
LIVE:        Parlophone

ARTIST:    Bruce Springsteen
TITLE:        Factory
COMP:    Bruce Springsteen
ALBUM:    Darkness on the Edge of Town
LIVE:        Columbia