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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 3 October 2016

1:15 Super Loyalty Scheme

Two of New Zealand's biggest loyalty schemes have combined, giving customers savings at the supermarket checkout, and discounts at the petrol pump. Countdown's Onecard and AA Smartfuel programmes will join on a single card, from next Monday. And it's picked to be the largest programme in the country, with about 3.5 million cardholders. Dr Mike Lee is a senior lecturer of marketing at the University of Auckland Business School.


Countdown Photo: Supplied / Countdown

North West Wildlink Map

North West Wildlink Map Photo: Supplied

1:25 Creating the North-West Wildlink

The North West Wildlink is a predator free vegetation corridor running through Auckland to allow native wildlife move about the region.

It is based on a 'restoration approach' with different community groups collaborating with the council to enhance natural capital across existing natural areas, open spaces, stream banks, esplanade reserves, and backyards to provide healthy and safe habitats, refuges and routes for native fauna and flora.

Ben Paris is the Auckland Council's Senior Biodiversity Advisor says its about creating a bigger, safer area for native wildlife to live in.

North West Wildlink

North West Wildlink Photo: supplied

1:30 A Girl Named Mo

A Girl Named Mo

A Girl Named Mo Photo: supplied

The BATS Theatre in Wellington is about to debut the show and album from a talented group called A Girl Named Mo. Across five shows, the group will combine the theatrical background of frontwoman Moana Ete, with thoughtful electronic neo-soul to explore relationships through musical storytelling. Moana Ete is known for not only her musical abilities, but is an accomplished member of the Wellington acting community as a playwright, actor and director, and a graduate of the prestigious Toi Whakaari Drama School. 

1.35 Manawa Ora: Courage is Contagious

Ten teens who have slipped thorugh the cracks in terms of mainstream education or formal training are going to be centre stage at the Herald Theatre this week. The group, who are part of Nga Rangatahi Toa's programme, to provide an alternative education, are performing alongside well known artists presenting Manawa Ora: Courage is Contagious. The show is being directed by Jessy Holly-Bates and supported by established musicians, dancers and artists. The rangatahi have developed this stage show themselves and are following on from last year's successful group which sold out of tickets. Sarah Longbottom is the founder Nga Rangatahi Toa.

1:40 Favourite album

2:10 Television Critic:  Linda Burgess

The case of Jonbenet Ramsey and Grand Designs

2:20 Weather Expert: Chris Brandolino

The wet weather isn't over yet.

The wet weather isn't over yet. Photo: 123RF

Torrential rain has caused flash flooding and slips in parts of Auckland, Coromandel and Huntly yesterday. Huntly received 60mm of rain throughout the day, a third of which fell in just one hour. And it seems the wet weather isn't over yet. So we thought we'd bring in a weather expert, to talk about what to expect for the next few days and months. And to answer any weather-related question you always wanted to know, but were too scared to ask. Chris Brandolino is principal scientist of forecasting, at NIWA National Climate Centre.

3:10 Rise of the Rocket Girls

When the US started a project to send rockets into space in the 1940s,  they didn't have computers but they did have a team of women who did the math.

Their calculations made it possible to get satellites and then rockets into orbit. But their contribution has largely been forgotten. 

Nathalia Holt tells the story of these female pioneers in her new book, Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars.

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

Music played in this show

1:00pm - 5:00pm

ARTIST:    Fly My Pretties Feat: Moana Ete  
TITLE:        Mud and Stardust
COMP:    No Details
ALBUM:    Promo
LABEL:    Loop

ARTIST:    Wires and Wood
TITLE:        Bluegrass Heaven
COMP:    Dawson Trotman
ALBUM:    Over The Moon
LABEL:    Wires

ARTIST:    Wires and Wood
TITLE:        Love Please Come Home
COMP:    Leon Jackson
ALBUM:    Over The Moon
LABEL:    Wires

ARTIST:    Wires and Wood
TITLE:        Heartaches
COMP:    Al Hoffman, John Klenner
ALBUM:    Over The Moon
LABEL:    Wires

ARTIST:    Wires and Wood
TITLE:        Highway Forty Blues
COMP:    Larry Cordell
ALBUM:    Over The Moon
LABEL:    Wires

ARTIST:    Toni Williams
TITLE:        Ten Guitars
COMP:    Gordon Mills
ALBUM:    The Best of Toni Williams
LABEL:    Zodiac    

ARTIST:    Bannermann
TITLE:        Buffalo Town
COMP:    Richie Setford
ALBUM:    Clawhammer
LABEL:    Bannerman

ARTIST:    The Doors
TITLE:        The End
COMP:    Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, John Densmore
ALBUM:    The Doors
LABEL:    Elektra