1:10 First song: Crowded House - Private Universe

1:15 Combatting human trafficking in Thailand

Francis Maiava is a former cop who has spent the past three years in Thailand, investigating the culture within the Thai police force, to try to find ways to deal with  human trafficking.

Thailand has one of the world's worst records for human trafficking - including forced labour and sex trafficking.

Francis Maiava  says a major cultural change is needed in Thai police force to deal withe problem...  which is easier said than done.

MCAT exam

1:25 MCAT maths exam "too hard"

Maths teachers in Wellington will meet tonight to discuss what action they may take over last weeks MCAT algebra exam for year 11 students. 

Students have complained it was too hard and based on material they had not studied, and the Principal of Hutt Valley High School, Ross Sinclair is making a formal complaint to the NZQA about the issue. 

President of the Wellington Maths Association is Bruce Welsh.

1:30  A medical journal like no other

One doesn't usually associate poetry and fiction with medical journals. But Helen Ker has combined medicine and creative writing to create a literary medical journal focussing on the human body.

It's called Atlas.

1:35 Turning a family tradition into a thriving business

Joe McClure grew up in Michigan where the family always made pickles, based on their great grandmother's recipe. In 2006 he and his brother dug out the old recipe, and started making pickles to sell... they managed it into a highly successful family business, McClure's pickles.

Joe McClure is in New Zealand this week - as his pickles are used in some of the country's most popular restaurants, including the Federal deli, Burger Burger and Logan Brown

McClure's Pickles

McClure's Pickles Photo: supplied

1:40 Favourite album

2:10 Push to allow hemp based foods in NZ

You can smoke as much hemp as you like but it won't get you high.

So says the local hemp industry, who say it's time New Zealand made the most of our ideal growing conditions for the plant, and the 50,000 industrial uses for hemp stalk and seeds.

They're running a week of events to raise the profile of hemp as a legitimate crop. Richard Barge is the treasurer of the Hemp Industries Association.


Hemp Photo: NZ Hemp Industry Association

2:20 Television Critic: Phil Wallington

Phil gives his verdict on the six part Ed Hillary Bio/Doc and casts his gaze at the Great British Pottery Throw Down.

2:30 How fair is our tax system?

‘All New Zealanders are Equal, but some are more equal than others‘ .

It's the title of the 2016 Bruce Jesson lecture, which is being delivered by Lisa Marriott - an Associate Professor of Taxation at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Accounting and Commercial Law.

Lisa Marriott's research interests include social justice and inequality, and the behavioural impacts of taxation.

She joins Jesse in the studio to discuss white collar fraud, tax evasion, equity and privilege.

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Photo: 123RF

3:10 The Unslut Project  

When Emily Lindin was in Intermediate school, she kept a diary detailing the bullying she endured when her classmates labelled her a slut.  It was so bad, she contemplated suicide. Lindin is sharing her raw, emotional diaries, from age 11-14,  online in a blog and in a documentary.

She hopes the view from a teenager girl can start a conversation about bullying and slut shaming. It's called The Unslut Project.

3:30 Song


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