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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 27 June 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Trudy Pilbrow of Wanaka nominated 'Anthem' by Murray McNab

1:20 Your Place Clive in Hawkes Bay. Our tour guides are: Rachel Blackmore, Craig MacErlich and Tony Loversuch.

2:10 Phar Lap's DNA - Dr Natasha Hamilton - His heart is in Canberra, his hide is in Melbourne, his bones are at Te Papa and soon the DNA of horse racing legend Phar Lap will be in a Test Tube in Adelaide.  
The University of Sydney's Veterinary Science team leading a project to analyse the champion thoroughbred's DNA  to try and determine what gave the New Zealand born horse the speed and strength to  win 37 of his 51 starts, he start as the favorite in three successive Melbourne Cups.

2:20 The Town Crier Champs - Paddy-Ann Pemberton - Central Otago's town crier is off to the World Invitational Tournament for town criers in Canada, yes there is such a thing, to  announce to the world the fine qualities  of her district. Only 40 applicants are accepted for the big Tournament. Paddy-Ann Pemberton and her sister, who is the town crier for Palmerston North, will compete in several different categories.

2:30 Reading - Joe Bennett with episode four from his book  'Hello Dubai'.
A defunct Russian cargo plane, the Andropov, marks the place where people drive out of Dubai to buy alcohol. We learn about the UAE through its drinking and shipping history.
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Dubai by Steve Everitt, tk 22 ATMOS208 - Palm Island

2:45 Feature Album - Diesel and Dust - Midnight Oil (1987)

3:10 Benjamin Britten's War Requiem - Simon Watts of BBC Witness.
Benjamin Britten's War Requiem is being performed at St Paul's  cathedral in London as part of the composer's centenary celebrations. Simon Watts from the BBC World Service history programme 'Witness' has been looking back into the origins of the requiem and its dramatic first night in 1962.

3:20 The Homework Club - Katy Gosset - Katy meets the hardworking children at Aranui's homework club, who are already planning their futures.

3:30 Our Changing World - Alison Ballance - North Island saddleback - or tieke - are one of New Zealand's conservation success stories. By the 1960s they were found on just a single island, Hen Island in the Hen and Chicken group near Whangarei. But since then they've been successfully moved to a number of different islands and mainland sanctuaries, including Tawharanui Regional Park north of Auckland.
And, as birds were moved from one island to another, biologists noticed that interesting changes to their songs were taking place. That's because birds learn song in the same way that we learn language - by listening to other people, and imitating them. And, as song bird expert Kevin Parker tells Alison, when you don't have any neighbours to copy you have to invent your own song.

4:06 The Panel - What will Bernard Hickey and Islay Macleod make of the topics of the day on The Panel... Kevin Rudd and his blow-dryer back in charge of Australia, the marks on Robin Bain's thumb, a return - briefly - to the pokies money discussion we had yesterday; jobs on superyachts, how to keep your boss honest and Bernard's thoughts too on the cost of Auckland inner-city rail.