22 May 2019

Caledonia Together loses two assembly members

1:30 pm on 22 May 2019

There has been a rift within Caledonia's Together party over last week's election of the president of the southern province.

Caledonia Together party celebrates its tenth anniversary

Caledonia Together party celebrates its tenth anniversary Photo: FB Caledonie Ensemble

Two members, Nicolas Metzdorf and Nina Julie quit the party, saying they refused a directive aimed at thwarting the election of Sonia Backes of the Future with Confidence coalition.

Future with Confidence made huge gains in this month's elections and replaced Caledonia Together as the biggest party in both the provincial assembly and in Congress.

The two politicians said they were told not to vote for Ms Backes but to side with the rival pro-independence camp in the assembly.

Caledonia Together rejected their account, describing it as fake news.

Nicolas Metzdorf and Nina Julie said they will be non-affiliated anti-independence members.

On Friday, the new Congress, which is made up of members of the three provincial assemblies, will meet for the first time and elect a Congress president.

Caledonia Together said it will field a candidate.

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