17 May 2019

Dissent in New Caledonia anti-independence camp

9:58 am on 17 May 2019

There is dissent within New Caledonia's anti-independence camp as the newly elected provincial assemblies meet for the first time.

Caledonia Together party celebrates its tenth anniversary

Photo: FB Caledonie Ensemble

On Sunday, voters chose three assemblies out of which the Congress and the government will be formed.

The once dominant Caledonia Together party lost more than half of its seats in the Congress, with the Future with Confidence coalition making most gains.

The two sides have met for days, yet failed to agree on how to share the three top positions.

The Future with Confidence wants to have the presidency of the southern province and the presidency of the government while giving the presidency of the Congress to Caledonia Together.

Caledonia Together, which held the three top jobs, disagrees with the proposed arrangement.

Today, the provincial administrations are expected to be elected.

In the southern province almost all seats are being held by the anti-independence parties while the northern province and the Loyalty Islands province are both run by pro-independence parties.

The new Congress is due to meet next week.

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