21 May 2019

New Caledonia parties broke campaign rules - Anticor

4:57 pm on 21 May 2019

The French anti-corruption watchdog Anticor says New Caledonia's main parties went beyond the spending cap of $US200,000 for provincial elections.

New Caledonia Congress

Photo: RNZ Pacific/ Walter Zweifel

Anticor's representative in New Caledonia Thierry Blaisot said during the campaign there were other major irregularities, which should prompt the French High Commission to annul the election.

Mr Blaisot said in the rivalry between the main anti-independence parties, they put out undeclared printed material and broke the rules on using electronic media.

"The loyalist parties are divided, they make war on each other, but it's not a reason to cheat, not to respect the law. They don't respect the law."

Mr Blaisot said submissions can be made to France's highest administrative court until Monday.

"I suggest that the people who vote to ask for the cancellation of this election. It would be good if at least ten persons write."

Parties have two months to submit their campaign accounts, but Mr Blaisot said the cap of $US200,000 per party was breached.

The once dominant Caledonia Together party is already under investigation for allegedly creating phantom jobs for the 2017 French legislative elections.

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