2 Aug 2018

People on Vanuatu's Pentecost feel neglected

11:23 am on 2 August 2018

People in the north of the Vanuatu island of Pentecost say they feel forgotten, as clean water on their ash-smothered island runs out.

Impact of ash fall on Pentecost

Impact of ash fall on Pentecost Photo: supplied

Pentecost is about 30 kilometres from Ambae, where the government has ordered a mandatory evacuation after the eruption from that island's volcano re-intensified.

But residents of North Pentecost said ash has smothered everything there, too, with crops killed and the airport closed.

The state of emergency on Ambae does not extend to North Pentecost, and nearly a week after the government said emergency supplies would be sent, locals say it is yet to arrive.

A journalist at the Vanuatu Daily Post, Godwin Ligo, said the residents are getting desperate for water.

"The recent ash fall has made the water situation worse since the people have already been surviving on limited water following previous months of hot weather. The people are really in dire need for water and the people are still waiting for the government."

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