31 Jul 2018

Impact from Vanuatu volcanic eruption spreads

7:14 am on 31 July 2018

There is a call for water to be transported to North Pentecost which has been affected by several days of ash fall from the erupting volcano on Ambae.

A Vanuatu journalist said conditions are becoming critical in both north Pentecost and south Maewo islands, which are very close to Ambae.

Impact of ash fall on Pentecost

Impact of ash fall on Pentecost Photo: supplied

Mt Manaro on Ambae has been erupting intermittently for ten months but an escalation in ash fall over the past two weeks has prompted the government to announce a mandatory evacuation of the island.

Meanwhile neighbouring Maewo and Pentecost are being affected and Vanuatu Daily Post journalist Godwin Ligo saids on north Pentecost the ash has forced people to use torches and lanterns in the middle of the day.

He said there is an urgent need water while food crops have been badly affected.

"The garden crops are practically damaged already. You don't see the green leaves anymore and the crops under the ground like sweet potato and cassava and all that will be OK for a period, but the banana trees and tropical fruits and cabbages an vegetables above the ground would be damaged and practically they will not be edible anymore" said Mr Godwin.

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