4 Aug 2013

Episode 3 - Fag Ends And Lollipops

From These Hopeful Machines, 8:00 pm on 4 August 2013

Continuing to plunder the junk of World War II.

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Delia Derbyshire, Keith Salmon and Brian Hodgson in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1965

Delia Derbyshire, Keith Salmon and Brian Hodgson in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1965 Photo: Richard Swayne, courtesy of Brian Hodgson.

In this episode...

Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna and the new studio at Italian Radio;
Tristram Cary, Peter Zinovieff and Robert Moog talk about finding cheap electronics by the warehouse-full and fashioning it into new-fangled sound devices;
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Dr Who and other highjinks;
Interviews with Brian Hodgson and Mark Ayres;
The iconic Delia Derbyshire;
Her collaboration with Brian Hodgson and Peter Zinovieff, Unit Delta Plus;
The virtuosity of John Baker;
And as a prelude to Episode 4, we look at rock ’n’ roll effects: tape delay, tape loops and feedback.

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Written and presented by James Gardner, produced by Tim Dodd and James Gardner.

Scroll down for handy links and a bibliography.

Grateful thanks for help in the production of this episode go to:

Jeremy Ansell; Mark Ayres, archivist of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop; Mark Brend; David Butler and the Delia Derbyshire Archive at the University of Manchester, for the excerpt from the Unit Delta Plus music for Macbeth;
Claire Harris, (producer of the documentary What The Future Sounded Like) and Porthmeor Productions, for Tristram Cary interview material; Penny Lomax of the ABC programme The Music Show, for further Tristram Cary interview material; Ian Helliwell; Brian Hodgson, for the interview and for providing us with his copy of the out-of-print Wavemaker LP; National Public Radio (USA), for the interview with Bob Moog; Morton Subotnick;
Peter Zinovieff.



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