1 Aug 2013

Episode 6 - A Dance To The Music of Time

From These Hopeful Machines, 7:01 pm on 1 August 2013

From the 80s onwards, electronic music becomes mainstream and ubiquitous

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Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk alias Venetian Snares, 2008.

Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk alias Venetian Snares, 2008. Photo: Tuomas Vitikainen

In this episode...

Synthesizer bands of the 70s: Kraftwerk, The Human League etc and their equipment;
From hip-hop to house, techno, and IDM (intelligent dance music) to all the sub-, sub-sub- and sub-sub-sub-genres of electronic music of the 80s, 90s and later;
Karlheinz Stockhausen gives his view on this music in a blind test ... turns out the only one he liked came from his old student Irmin Schmidt and his band Can;
Analogue synthesizers make a comeback;
Laptops and the democratisation of music production;
Synthesiser programming: an interview with Phill Macdonald;
Alternative user-interfaces to the keyboard;
Where on earth are we heading? Peter Zinovieff, Brian Hodgson, John Chowning, Suzanne Ciani, Barry Vercoe, Morton Subotnick and Irmin Schmidt all put in their two cents, pence or pfennige.

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Written by James Gardner and Gary Steel, presented by James Gardner, produced by Tim Dodd and James Gardner for Radio New Zealand.

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Grateful thanks for help in the production of Episode 6 go to:

John Chowning; Suzanne Ciani; David Cockerell; Paul Doornbusch of Collarts in Melbourne for allowing us to use excerpts from his interview with Miller Puckette; Brian Hodgson; Glenda Keam; Phill Macdonald for the interview and the Korg demonstration recordings; Jono Podmore; Irmin Schmidt, Hildegard Schmidt and René Tinner for granting, organizing and recording the Irmin Schmidt interview; Gary Steel; Morton Subotnick; Barry Vercoe; Peter Vogel; Julia Woodward; Peter Zinovieff.



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