5 Aug 2013

Episode 2 - Raindrops In The Sun

From These Hopeful Machines, 8:00 pm on 5 August 2013

New musics rise from the secret projects and surplus junk of World War II.

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Les Paul

Les Paul Photo: William Gottlieb

In this episode ...

Pierre Schaeffer and musique concrète;
Early tape recording: the life-threatening steel wire tapes at the BBC, the German Magnetophon and Bing Crosby’s Ampex;
Guitarist Les Paul shows some recording chops with his overdubbing techniques;
John Cage’s early experiments with sound and recording;
Louis and Bebe Barron and their ‘electronic tonalities’ for The Forbidden Planet;
The Theremin in the movies: Miklós Rósza, Bernard Herrmann and Dr Samuel Hoffman;
Electronic keyboards from the 50s: the Solovox, Ondioline and Clavioline;
Homer Dudley’s Vocoder;
Robert Beyer, Werner Meyer-Eppler and Herbert Eimert set up a studio for elektronische Musik at Cologne Radio;
Karlheinz Stockhausen gets to work in Paris with musique concrète but gets disillusioned and moves to Cologne.

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Karlheinz Stockhausen Photo: Kathinka Pasveer, CC3.0

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Written and presented by James Gardner, produced by Tim Dodd and James Gardner for Radio New Zealand.

Scroll down for handy links and a bibliography.

Grateful thanks for help in the production of Episode 2 go to:

Mark Ayres; Mark Brend; Christopher Fox; Ian Helliwell; Adrian Hollay, for being Karlheinz Stockhausen; Martin Iddon; Penny Lomax of the ABC’s The Music Show, for Tristram Cary interview material; Fiona McAlpine; Claudia Meyer-Hesse of the International Music Institute Darmstadt, for the 1956 archival recordings of Stockhausen and Alois Hába; National Public Radio (USA), for the interviews with Bebe Barron and Bob Moog;
Ian Pace; Rula Schaad; Jeff Stadelman; Dave Tompkins, for the Bell Labs vocoder demonstrations.



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