6 Aug 2013

Episode 1 - Everything Audible in the World Becomes Material

From These Hopeful Machines, 8:00 pm on 6 August 2013

Recording and electricity crack open the world of sound.

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The Philips Pavillion at Expo 58 in Brussels.

The Philips Pavillion at Expo 58 in Brussels. Photo: Wouter Hagens CC3.0

We start at the Brussels World’s Fair, Expo ’58 where a number of threads in the story were to converge and thence to radiate.

Then we go back in time to Rabelais who wrote presciently about frozen sounds back in the 16th Century.

We look at a variety of very early technologies and concepts that were to play an important role in the development of electronic music: Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville’s Phonautograph; Thomas Edison’s phonograph and Emile Berliner’s gramophone; John Cage’s CREDO manifesto; Luigi Russolo’s intonarumori – mechanical noise instruments; Percy Grainger’s and Conlon Nancarrow’s work with player pianos; early electronic instruments the Theremin and Ondes Martenot; the mind-boggling work done by Russian film-makers, laboriously piecing together optical soundtracks; and much more.

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Written and presented by James Gardner, produced by Tim Dodd and James Gardner for Radio New Zealand.

Scroll down for handy links and a bibliography..

Grateful thanks in the production of this programme go to:

Mark Brend;
Warren Burt, for the Percy Grainger ‘Sea Song’ recording;
Luciano Chessa, for the intonarumori recording;
Patrick Feaster, for the Emile Berliner recording and information on early recordings;
Jonathan Golove, for the Theremin Cello recording;
Clinton Green, for the Jack Ellitt recording;
Ian Helliwell;
Roger Horrocks;
Leta Miller;
National Public Radio USA, for the recording of Bob Moog playing the Theremin;
Pathé News, for footage of Maurice Martenot;
Andrey Smirnov, for the Russian “Graphical Sound” examples;
Jeff Stadelman;
Dave Tompkins, for the Bell Labs vocoder demonstrations.



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