26 Dec 2014

NZ man reportedly arrested for meth

3:37 pm on 26 December 2014

There are reports out of Phuket in Thailand that a New Zealand man has been charged with possessing illegal drugs.

The report by the Phuket Wan Tourism News said police had arrested 41-year-old Taylor Grainger after he was found with 1.2 grams of methamphetamine and just under a gram of cocaine.

It said the arrest was made in the west coast holiday hub of Patong.

The arrest followed a week-long blitz on drugs by police, who are expected to release more information later today.

Another New Zealand man Antony de Malmanche, was also caught attempting to smuggle crystal meth into Bali earlier this month.

And New Zealander Peter Gardiner also allegedly tried to smuggle 75 kilograms of methamphetamine out of China last month.

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