7 Dec 2014

Police advise NZ man detained in Bali

5:07 pm on 7 December 2014

New Zealand police say they contacted a man who has been arrested on suspicion of drug-smuggling in Bali to give him advice to keep him safe after his worried family contacted them.

Antony de Malmanche of New Zealand sits as evidence is placed next to him during a press conference in Denpasar, Bali.

Antony de Malmanche was detained by police in Bali on 1 December. Photo: AFP

Antony de Malmanche, 52, was detained by the Balinese police on Monday for allegedly trying to bring nearly two kilograms of methamphetamine into Indonesia.

Police in New Zealand said Mr de Malmanche's family called them within the past two weeks, expressing concern about his vulnerability while travelling.

A police spokeswoman said police contacted Mr de Malmanche by phone, and gave him some travel advice to keep him safe.

They then told his family what they had done.

MFAT official to travel to Bali

A diplomat from New Zealand's embassy in Jakarta will travel to Bali in the coming days to visit Mr de Malmanche.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the embassy had spoken with Mr de Malmanche.

It said the embassy was providing consular assistance and its consul would visit him early this week.

The ministry said it could not comment on the ongoing investigation or interfere in the judicial proceedings of another country.

Mr de Malmanche could be imprisoned for up to three months while the investigation is under way, and if convicted, could be sentenced to death.