26 Jun 2015

Volunteers to help farmer flood victims

6:12 am on 26 June 2015

About 20 farmers offered to help lower North Island counterparts who have had land severely affected by floods and slips.

Federated Farmers and Rural Support Trusts in the Taranaki, Whanganui and Manawatu - Rangitikei regions are calling on volunteers to help clean up farms to fix fences and clear debris, following torrential flooding this week.

The Federation's Whanganui provincial president Brian Doughty was at a flood-ravaged farm in Whangaehu yesterday, helping a young family move out of their flooded home.

Mr Doughty said volunteers were mostly farmers and were being sent to help at kiwi fruit orchards.

"So far we've had a response from people in Waverly and some local people around Whanganui, so at the moment we're just trying to co-ordinate all of those things and put them together.

"We have some instant work out on the way to Mangamahu for a kiwi fruit orchard, which needs to have some stuff done.

"We've got to wait for the weather to come right. We know instantly that we've got to clear the root structure around kiwifruit, because if we don't they're going to fall over, so that's our first priority, and it'll be after that that we will get involved with clearing fences and putting fences back up again."

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