6 Mar 2015

Call for 1080 to be used on organic properties

11:42 am on 6 March 2015

In a bid to combat wild dogs in Australia, the organics industry there is considering allowing 1080 to be used as bait on certified properties.

1080 pellets


While 1080 is derived from plants, it is produced synthetically and not approved for organic livestock farmers to use.

But Australia's Invasive Animals Co-operative Research Centre is calling for that to change.

The Australian organic industry's national standards sub-committee will meet early this month to discuss submissions calling for 1080 to be allowed on organic properties to control the wild dog population.

A committee spokesperson, Marg Will, said while the submissions were widely supported by the organic livestock industry, other sectors might disagree.

She said the committee would provide advice to the Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council, who would have to adopt the changes.

An organics certifier in New Zealand, Bio Grow, said 1080 was not allowed on certified land here, either, and if it or any other synthetic pesticides were found in an organic system, it would lose its certification.

But, it does say if there was no other alternative, bait stations outside a production area may be considered on a case by case basis.

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