4 May 2016

Tasman backs out of Wicked Campervans ban

3:32 pm on 4 May 2016

The Tasman District Council has backed away from plans to ban Wicked Campervans from camping grounds because it can only ban slogans or images and not the provider.

Slogans painted on the company's vans have sparked complaints around the country.

Wicked Campers slogans could soon be banned: RNZ Checkpoint

Wicked Campervans Photo: RNZ / YouTube

A report to the council said the matter was being dealt with by individual campground managers, but councillor Judene Edgar said this was an easy option.

Camp managers self-policing won't do anything to encourage the firm to moderate its slogans, she said.

"It still has them out on the roads to be seen by everyone... I just don't think it really sends a message."

The council could have explored bylaws or censorship avenues as a way of tackling the problem itself, she said.

Three of the company's van designs were banned last month by the Chief Censor.

The ban does not relate to sexually explicit slogans, but to the use of imagery of children's characters and drugs.

The vans in question feature Snow White, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, and a character from Dr Seuss, with illegal drugs.

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