21 Apr 2016

Police reject Auckland station closure claim

9:12 pm on 21 April 2016

Police say a claim 16 stations in Auckland could soon be closed to the public is wrong.


Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Labour MP Phil Goff, who is also an Auckland mayoral candidate, said sources within the force had confirmed the stations would at least temporarily close, and some might never re-open.

Phil Goff was among those to attend a meeting at the University of Auckland on 1 April 2016 after a series of violent attacks on international students.

Phil Goff Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

The police said that was not correct.

They said they had been reviewing access to 105 stations around the country to enhance safety after a violent attack on a police employee in south Auckland recently.

As a result, public access at some stations might have to be confined to times when officers are there.

Mr Goff said his sources had told him otherwise

"The police themselves tell me that the real motivation behind this decision is simply to centralise police services and to cut costs.

"I hope that that is not true, that they are not planning to permanently close these stations."

Mr Goff said stations to be closed included ones in Ponsonby, Newmarket, Onehunga, Mangere and Howick.

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