7 Dec 2015

Murder-accused describes husband's death

8:20 pm on 7 December 2015

A woman accused of helping her lover kill her husband has confirmed she held her fatally stabbed husband for two minutes before making a phone call.

Amandeep Kaur (left) sitting in the dock at the Auckland High Court with a translator (right).

Amandeep Kaur, left, sitting in the dock in the High Court in Auckland with a translator. Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Amandeep Kaur and Gurjinder Singh have denied murdering Davender Singh.

Mrs Kaur, who is giving evidence in the High Court in Auckland, choked back tears as she described how her husband had been stabbed multiple times and she knew he would not live.

She eventually told police her lover stabbed her husband, as they sat parked-up on a busy South Auckland road, and not a stranger as she had previously said.

In her evidence today, she told the jurors she could feel her husband's pulse. She said she tried to stop the bleeding but she knew nothing could be done.

She also tried to wave cars down, she said.

Crown prosecutor Natalie Walker asked why she did not call police or an ambulance.

Mrs Kaur said she was doing whatever came into her head and had called her husband's cousin. She said Davender was looking around but he did not say anything.

Ms Walker accused her of telling an awful lot of lies.

Mrs Kaur admitted telling lies about a stranger carrying out the murder, saying she wanted to keep her affair with Gurjinder Singh a secret because it was shameful.

But she pointed out she eventually came clean and was now telling the truth.

Ms Walker told Mrs Kaur she only spoke of Gurjinder's role after CCTV footage showed the killer arrived and left by car and not on foot as she had initially said.

Ms Walker put it to Mrs Kaur that she was minimising her involvement and blaming her lover. She said not only had Mrs Kaur been involved in the planning but she had also stabbed her husband.

Mrs Kaur denied that and said she had pulled out of the plan.

She maintained she was trying to fend Gurjinder Singh off.

The court has watched a police interview with Mr Singh, where he initially told police Mrs Kaur struck the first blow and later held her husband's hands to prevent him defending himself.

Mrs Kaur told the court today that if she did what Mr Singh said she did, she would need four hands.

She said a cut to her hand showed she was trying to protect her husband.

Ms Walker said that wound and scratches to her neck were inflicted on her as her husband struggled for his life.

Mrs Kaur said the scratch to her neck was actually a love bite from her husband, although she later conceded she may have been mistaken about that.

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