23 Sep 2017

'A hell of a ride': Gayford on Ardern's meteoric rise

8:37 pm on 23 September 2017

Jacinda Ardern's partner Clarke Gayford has described what the last seven weeks have been like since she took over the leadership of the Labour Party.

Gayford, a TV presenter and producer with a love for fishing, was on the BBQ outside their Auckland home as the election results rolled in. The fish, naturally, he had caught himself.

Gayford told RNZ's John Campbell they were walking through Wellington Airport this week and it took a long time to get to the gate because everyone wanted to stop and talk to them

"It has been a hell of a ride - everything is different, including the security detail following her around."

He said the couple had barely had a chance to talk about the situation they found themselves in.

"I really haven't had a chance to absorb all of the successes since Jacinda took over as leader."

And with that, Ardern could be heard in the background asking for more tomato sauce.

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