NZ pets join the political pawty

3:57 pm on 23 September 2017

It took the UK's recent general election by storm - no, not UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, but the wildly popular #dogsatpollingstations social media hashtag.

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Photo: Supplied/ @edufk / @ChrisKeall / @Ptrfrs / @WendyWings

Dog owners (along with goat owners, cat owners and even duck owners) shared photos of their four-legged friends accompanying them to polling booths across Britain, and animal-lovers in the New Zealand have been waiting to get in on the act ever since.

Without further introduction, here is #dogsatpollingstations, the New Zealand edition.

You can tweet your democracy-loving pet to @radionz or email it to

Spike has a simple message for you all:

Strictly not at a polling station, but here are some dogs on the steps of Parliament, where the successful candidates will end up.

And this little piggy went to exercise his democratic rights.

And this little piggy went to exercise his democratic rights.

Photo: Supplied / Brian Hainsworth

And here's more of the country's goodest boys (and girls) heading to the polls.

It's much easier to walk your dog to a polling booth than it is to herd a mercurial feline, so voters are also posting photos of #catsnotatpollingstations.

This tabby would rather just sleep Election Day away...

...while Paris is much too busy redecorating.

And finally, these two were too chicken to vote.

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