21 Sep 2017

Neck and neck: Nats near equal Labour-Greens in latest poll

6:26 pm on 21 September 2017

Winston Peters appears to have the chance to choose between a relatively equal National Party or Labour-Green combination based on the latest Reid Research poll.

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Photo: RNZ

The poll for Newshub has National at 45.8 percent and Labour on 37.3 percent, with the Greens and NZ First both up to 7.1 percent.

Labour and the Greens combined would have 44 percent on those numbers, putting them almost on par with National and leaving Winston Peters' NZ First again with the chance to choose.

Compared to the previous Reid Research poll, National was down 1.5 percent and Labour also down 0.5 percent with the Greens up 2.2 percent. NZ First gained 1.1 percent.

The Māori Party, The Opportunities Party and ACT all failed to poll above 1 percent.

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