13 Sep 2014

Key rules out extending leaders' debate

5:54 am on 13 September 2014

National Party leader, John Key, has defended his decision not to agree to an extension to the final leaders' debate of the election campaign.

Labour leader David Cunliffe, left, with National's John Key.

Labour leader David Cunliffe, left, and National's John Key square off in the TV3 leaders debate. Photo: TV3

Television One wanted to extend the debate next Wednesday night from 30 minutes to one hour.

However, Mr Key's rejection of that proposal has prompted the Labour leader David Cunliffe to accuse him of running scared.

But the National leader said he was just sticking to the agreement made at the beginning of the campaign.

He said there had been requests from a range of news outlets, and that his decision was based on being consistent over agreements with both TV One and TV3.

"So in the end, we take a lot of care and thought about these issues, but i think if you're going to change, you have to change for everybody."

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