Deadline to identify potential earthquake-prone buildings looms for councils

4:12 pm on 30 June 2022

Councils in areas with a high seismic risk have until tomorrow to identify all non-priority potentially earthquake-prone buildings.

earthquake generic

Building owners must get an engineering assessment completed to to determine the earthquake rating. Photo: 123RF

It is one of two quake deadlines that requires action by 1 July.

The second is that councils in medium-risk areas must identify all priority buildings, such as hospitals or on major roads, that might be quake prone.

Once councils do this, they then must get the building owner to get an engineering assessment done to to determine the earthquake rating.

If a building is rated quake prone - under 34 percent of the New Building Standard - then deadlines kick in to get it fixed or demolished.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment says it will be surveying the high-risk councils in July and August to see if they have met the deadline.

"MBIE is expecting to publish the results of this survey at the end of the year, once responses have been collated," manager of building system and tenancy, Paul Merwood, said.

The ministry will not get councils in medium-risk areas to report back.

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