25 Sep 2019

Dunedin mayoral candidates want e-scooter restrictions

5:45 pm on 25 September 2019

Dunedin's mayoral candidates say they want e-scooters to be banned from footpaths.

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Lime e-scooters. Photo: RNZ

The death of a man who fell off a Lime e-scooter in Auckland earlier this month has put more of a spotlight on scooters

The Dunedin Pedestrian Action Network met with mayoral and council candidates in a public forum today.

The network is calling for a review of how the Dunedin City Council handled Lime e-scooters in the city.

The Lime e-scooter meeting in Dunedin

The Lime e-scooter meeting in Dunedin Photo: RNZ / Tess Brunton

While candidates didn't commit to a review, most agreed that new bylaws needed to be introduced to stop them from being ridden on footpaths.

Other solutions candidates discussed included geo-fencing e-scooters, which prevents them from operating inside certain areas, and lobbying central government for more stringent rules around e-scooters.

E-scooters were temporarily removed from Dunedin's streets earlier this year at council's request after an issue causing brakes to lock was discovered.

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