11 May 2019

Protestors call for banks to stop investing in fossil fuels

9:28 pm on 11 May 2019

Climate activists gathered outside banks around the country today as part of a Fossil Free Banks campaign.

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Lucy (12, left) and Jessica (16) at the Fossil Free Banks protest in Christchurch. Photo: RNZ

A 20-strong group braved the cold in Christchurch to call for all banks in New Zealand to cease lending to and investing in the fossil fuel industry.

One of the protestors, Michael Apathy, said New Zealanders should be able to have a totally fossil-free banking option.

"Kiwibank, TSB and cooperative aren't actually currently loaning or investing in fossil fuels, which is really really good.

"But what we want them to do is give a guarantee that they won't ever do that."

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Members of 350 Wellington at the Fossil Free Banks protest in Wellington today. Photo: Supplied

Mr Apathy encouraged people to get in touch with their banks to check their policies on fossil fuel business and to investigate their Kiwisaver investments.

"Fossil fuels are really driving climate change and climate change has already landed us in the sixth mass extinction that we've experienced on planet earth, so that's many, many different species going extinct."

Lucy, 12, was out on the street today because she wanted to see a change in the way banks invested their money.

"Even if you're not that invested in the environment you can still make a difference. Even by just doing something as simple as switching banks because it's not a huge thing to do."

Protests for the Fossil Free Banks campaign were also taking place in Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin today.

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