2 May 2019

Hospital beds full during junior doctors strike - District Health Boards

3:10 pm on 2 May 2019

Medical beds across most of the country have been full as junior doctor strikes hit hospitals during the high-pressure pre-winter period.

Junior doctors on the picket line.

Junior doctors on the picket line. Photo: RNZ / Joanna MacKenzie

Today is the fourth day of a five-day strike by members of the Resident Doctors Association. District health boards said they were managing well thanks to careful pre-strike planning.

National contingency planner Anne Aitcheson said there were fewer patients in hospital today overall.

"Mostly less beds occupied than yesterday, although our medical beds are full across most of the country," she said.

"It is that pre-winter period where we do start to get a lot of pressure on medical services and we're no different right now."

The strike will end at 8am on Saturday.

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