29 Aug 2018

SPCA inundated with puppies looking for new homes

3:11 pm on 29 August 2018

By Ellie Jay, Social Media Journalist

The SPCA in Auckland has been inundated with puppies this winter - most of whom are now looking for new homes.

SPCA Auckland Canine attendant, Margaret Stanaway, holds a puppy

SPCA Auckland Canine attendant, Margaret Stanaway, holds a puppy Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

Auckland Canine attendant Margaret Stanaway said one of the main reasons puppies ended up in their care was because owners had not de-sexed their dogs.

"All of a sudden they realise that they have an unplanned litter. They find out that it's very difficult for them to manage and they call us, and that's how they find their way here," Ms Stanaway said.

What happens when the SPCA take the puppies in, and what are they looking for in a 'forever home'?

When a puppy first arrives at the SPCA they get checked by a vet, Ms Stanaway said.

"From there depending on the puppy's needs, we'll send them out to foster if they're a little bit too young to get de-sexed. If they're old enough then we'll start the process of getting them ready for adoption," she said.

The SPCA also start the process of socialisation which meant volunteers played with the puppies, and took them out for walks if the puppies have had enough vaccinations, she said.

As well as physical stimulation, they also gave the puppies mental stimulation.

"We have these really cool things called sniffer boxes to really get them using their noses, to help them build confidence within themselves," Ms Stanaway said.

Then when puppies are ready for adoption they are advertised on the SPCA website.

"We want to make sure that the puppy is the right fit for the family because they are a lifetime commitment and we just want to ensure that they are ready for that," Ms Stanaway said.

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