26 Feb 2018

SPCA list of shame details worst animal abuses

9:44 pm on 26 February 2018

A starving dog with a bashed in eye, a neglected horse so ill it struggled to breathe and a duck in excruciating pain after its beak was blown up by fireworks.

These abused animals were in the SPCA's list of shame.

The abuse of these animals were catalogued in the SPCA's list of shame. Photo: Supplied / SPCA

These are among the worst eleven cases of animal abuse outlined in the SPCA's list of shame for the past year.

Another example includes 600 birds kept in filthy, overcrowded conditions with so little food they were trying to eat other dead birds.

All 600 had to be put down.

SPCA chief executive Andrea Midgen said the list did not necessarily point to an increase in animal cruelty, but suggested a growing public sympathy for animal welfare as reporting of cruelty increases.

"I think we're seeing an increase because people have become more aware, and are reporting more.

"I don't know that it necessarily means that there are actually more cases happening, I just think that we're hearing about them more," she said.

"But we're also hoping that by educating and advocating in this space that these things will improve over time."

Ms Midgen said she hoped the list would encourage people to donate to the SPCA, as government funding makes up only about 1 percent of its operating budget.

The list includes some success stories, where animals were able to be saved, but also gives the details animals abused so badly that had to be put down.

"Obviously we try and save as many as we can," she said.

Around 15,000 animal welfare complaints are lodged with the SPCA each year.

The list

  • Sully, a spaniel poodle cross. Living in a dark room, underweight and fur so badly matted he couldn't move. Adopted out and former owner facing prosecution.
  • 600 chickens, roosters and ducks kept in abhorrent conditions. Birds euthanised. Owner sentenced to home detention, community service and banned from owning animals for 10 years.
  • Tasha, a labrador cross starved and emaciated. Died day she was found. Owner disqualified from owning animals for 10 years and fined $2000.
  • A mallard duck with its beak destroyed by a firework. Injuries irreparable and duck had to be euthanised. SPCA couldn't find culprit.
  • Kasey and Keita, two dogs living in abhorrent conditions without food or water. Both made full recovery in care of SPCA. Owner banned from owning dogs for five years, sentenced to community work and ordered to pay reparations to the SPCA.
  • Jimmy, a dog found abandoned on a beach with injuries probably inflicted by a human. Now in care of SPCA and making a good recovery.
  • Several animals which had to be euthanised after their owner failed to treat obvious injuries and ailments. Owner ordered to pay reparations and legal costs. Also made to forfeit cats and disqualified from owning animals for five years. A cow with an eye injury also found on site but with a different owner who was given community service, made to pay reparations and legal costs and disqualified from owning animals for five years.
  • Frosty, a horse in obvious pain and distress with only one eye. Owner ordered to do community work, disqualified from owning horses for 5 years and made to pay reparations.
  • Lemuska, a staffordshire terrier. Hit by a car and which resulted in severe injuries. Owner didn't take him to the vet, dog euthanised and owner given community work, ordered to pay reparations and court costs and banned from owning animals for two years.
  • Four dumped kittens were rescued and brought back to health by the SPCA after they were found in a bin liner. Culprit not found.
  • Sandfly, a horse who's dental job was badly botched. Equine dentist made to pay both the SPCA and the horse's owner. Sandfly recovering on antibiotics and will need further dental treatment.

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