26 Feb 2015

Mark Lundy trial: blood spattered on walls

11:50 am on 26 February 2015

Christine Lundy was bludgeoned to death with such force blood covered a wall for 3.2m. Her daughter's blood ended up 3.8m from where she was killed.

The details are just two of the gruesome facts presented to a jury in the High Court at Wellington deciding whether husband and father Mark Lundy killed Mrs Lundy, 38, and seven-year-old Amber.

Mark Lundy on the opening day of his trial at the High Court in Wellington.

Mark Lundy at the High Court in Wellington. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The pair's bodies were found in their Palmerston North home on 30 August 2000; the Crown claims Mr Lundy killed his wife for her insurance money and Amber because she saw what he was doing to his mother.

Key points from day 13:

  • Christine Lundy's blood was found 3m along the wall next to her bed, and on to the 2.4m high ceiling.
  • Amber Lundy had blood from her mother on her body.
  • The defence accused a fingerprint expert of being in and out of Lundy home "like a fiddler's elbow".
  • Video previously played in court which showed someone watching TV was taken on September 7 - not the day the bodies were found.

Environmental and Scientific Research forensic scientist Bjorn Sutherland yesterday told the court Amber was found in the doorway of her parents' room, her upper body protruding into the hallway. Her mother's blood mingled with her own, spots of which were found 3.8m from her head.

The pattern of blood and tissue which spattered and sprayed from the child "appears consistent with forceful blows with an implement to the head of Amber Lundy", Mr Sutherland said.

Her mother had extensive head injures, as well as injuries to her arms and hands, the weapon used to inflict those injuries swung repeatedly and with such force her blood and tissue covered a bedroom wall for 3.2m.

Blood and possibly tissue was found on a wooden chopping board in the kitchen and identified as Mrs Lundy's, as was blood on the toilet wall and the kitchen floor.

However, Luminol testing of the floors failed to find any trace of footsteps, Mr Sutherland said.

It did turn up traces of blood in the vehicles of both Mr Lundy and Mrs Lundy's brother, Glenn Weggery.

The defence had previously questioned Mr Weggery about blood found in the boot of his car; today Mr Sutherland said the blood was Mr Weggery's own.

The blood in Mr Lundy's car was found to contain human DNA but none was matched to any of the Lundys. As well, none reacted to a different chemical test generally considered to be less sensitive, Mr Sutherland said.

The defence was also accused of being "misleading" with its use of video evidence earlier in the week; the video had been portrayed as being taken in 30 August and showed someone watching TV in the Lundys' lounge.

It was, in fact, a clip of a video taken by Terralink on 7 September in order to reproduce a scale diagram of the house.

Mr Sutherland said he tested a screwdriver and pliers found in the Lundys' garage and both marked with blue and orange paint to see if any paint came off.

However, none did and he concluded the tools were "unlikely to shed paint fragments during regular use".

The trial, before Justice Simon France and a jury of seven men and five women, continues.

* Clarification - For the avoidance of doubt, please note that Radio New Zealand reporter Sharon Lundy is no relation to Mark Lundy.

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