18 Feb 2015

Pork campaign ruckus crackles online

3:47 pm on 18 February 2015

Who said pigs couldn't fly? An advertising campaign for NZ Pork has caused a real ruckus online, with some labelling it sexist and others just a "bit of fun".

Image posted by NZ Pork on Facebook.

Image posted by NZ Pork on Facebook. Photo: 100% New Zealand Pork / FACEBOOK

NZ Pork's latest campaign calls on men to "man up", "put on an apron" and "give your wife a night of unforgettable pleasure" - by cooking some pork, of course.

"We reckon it's time more women got out of the kitchen, and more men started to man them. But we know it ain't easy. So stop scratching your nuts, get your apron on, and let's get cooking," the campaign says.

See part of the campaign here on YouTube.

A press release from NZ Pork last week said an online survey found 90 percent of women were mostly responsible for doing the shopping and cooking and half of them would prefer men to do more cooking. The survey also found half of men wanted to do more in the kitchen.

Today, NZ Pork said those criticising the campaign were in the minority. It said 370,000 people had seen the campaign to date and there were only a small number of critical posts relating to sexism online. It said there had been 71,000 video views of the campaign.

Examples of the comments left on its Facebook page include:

Rebecca A'Court said: "My husband cooks most nights, it's not the 1950s. Gender stereotyping and animal cruelty. Time for you dinosaurs to become extinct, I think."

Alex Larsen added: "The 1950s called, they want their gender roles back." Aaron Hutching echoed those thoughts, saying: "Hey NZ Pork, you seem to have got lost, the 1950s are back that way."

Margo Verveer said: "This campaign is wrong on so many levels. I don't even know where to begin. However, if it is designed to put people off eating pork, they have achieved."

Many others were supportive.

From Kim Shiree Lancaster: "With 5 nights of after school sports, cooking dinner on time is start to be a bit of a nightmare. A night where I don't have to worry about cooking would be a dream."

Nick Lowe wrote: "Love it!!!. Any one complaining needs to realise this is a bit of fun."

Elizabeth Mowbray said: "Love it! Can't wait to put my feet up."

The campaign was made for NZ Pork by the agency Shine.

NZ Pork chief executive Owen Symmans said it stood by the "edgy" campaign and was pleased to see that most New Zealanders were "appreciating the humour". He said the campaign was designed to talk directly to men.

The campaign would continue over the coming year.

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