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7:11 What the meeting between North and South Korea means

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Photo: AFP / Korea Summit Press Pool

Those pictures of North Korean president Kim Jong-Un shaking hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in are some of the most powerful political images we've seen in decades. Al Gillespie, Professor of International Law at Waikato University, says there’s reason for hope but we shouldn’t hold our breath.

7:21 Ralph Sims: towards a carbon-zero 2050

A plugged in electric car.

Photo: 123RF

The Productivity Commission's draft report on how New Zealand can meet the government's goal of achieving a net-zero emissions economy by 2050 was released on Friday, with some recommendations it says will get us there. Ralph Sims looks at the recommendations and whether they are realistic. The draft report makes 140 findings, 50 recommendations and asks 11 questions. The public can provide feedback to the draft report through the Productivity Commission website. Submissions close on June 8 and the final report  will be presented to the government in August 2018.

7.30 The House

7.46 Rachel Ashby: proposed University of Auckland library closures unfair

Students at a sit-in at Elam School of Fine Arts Library on April 27

Students at a sit-in at Elam School of Fine Arts Library on April 27 Photo: Supplied

Rachel Ashby is an honours graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts

Rachel Ashby is an honours graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts Photo: Supplied

Placard at the Elam Fine Arts Library

Placard at the Elam Fine Arts Library Photo: Supplied

A rally organised by the Auckland University Students Association  will be held at the University of Auckland on Monday 30 April at midday to protest the closure of five specialist libraries. A petition will also be presented. That’s the same day that submissions close for the proposal. Rachel Ashby, a graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts, one of the libraries affected is part of a campaign called Save the Fine Arts Library and explains students’ concerns. The students staged a sit-in at Elam on Friday night. 

7:54 Fashion protest highlights plight of Bangladeshi workers

Nelson nursing student Yasmeen Jones-Chollet has been replicating the life of a Bangladeshi garment worker on Trafalgar St in Nelson for the past week, working 16 hours a day sewing bags and not speaking to passersby. She explains what drove her Enslaved by Demand protest sweatshop practices. She says after watching the documentary called Udita she felt compelled to do something.


8:10 Insight: Imprisoned by meth

A prisoner's hand against a security fence at Paremoremo.

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

From the millions spent to house prisoners who’ve been using and selling methamphetamine, to rehab, to dentistry bills to treat addicts with painful decaying teeth, the meth trade affects every aspect of our overflowing prison system. In 2017, the prison muster reached a record 10,000 for the first time, and it's climbing. Recent research by the Department of Corrections suggests more than half of prisoners have used methamphetamine in the lead-up to entering prison. Rehab services who work for the prison say the highly destructive substance has recently overtaken alcohol as the No 1 drug of choice for those it’s treating. Insight reporter Teresa Cowie went inside some prisons to find out how much of the average day is taken up dealing with the harm caused by methamphetamine.

8.38 Rewi Spraggon: saving the hangi

Rewi Spraggon, centre, guides chefs in the art of hangi making.

Rewi Spraggon, centre, guides chefs in the art of hangi making. Photo: Supplied

Most New Zealanders know the distinctive flavour of hāngi. But the traditional Maori method of cooking in the ground has become much more of a novelty than the norm. An upcoming television programme is hoping to create a resurgence of hangi by getting well-known chefs to compete in Hangi Pit Masters which will air on Maori Television from 2 May. The chefs will work under the guidance of hangi master Rewi Spraggon. Spraggon talks about the tradition and why hangi shortcuts can never make the food taste authentic.

9:06 Mediawatch

With Colin Peacock. New Zealand is back in the top 10 for global media freedom. Does that mean everything’s rosy? Plus, Australian reporter Peter Greste  - who was jailed for his journalism in Egypt - talks about Australian media resisting new laws that could criminalise reporting.  the media frenzy over Israel Folau; and another Facebook photo fail.

9.37 Kurt Elling: singer who could convert people to jazz

Esteemed jazz singer Kurt Elling

Esteemed jazz singer Kurt Elling Photo: Anna Webber

Grammy-winning jazz singer Kurt Elling is scatting his way to NZ. The Chicago native won the Downbeat Critics Poll 14 years consecutively  - Downbeat magazine is regarded as the bible of jazz journalism - and he has been nominated for a Grammy more than a dozen times. Elling utilises his four-octave baritone voice to the fullest through improvisation, spoken work, scatting and poetry. He’s playing one show in NZ, in Christchurch at the Cavell Leitch International Jazz and Blues Festival, on Saturday 26 May.

10:04 Steve Backshall: British adventurer goes wild

British naturalist and adventurer Steve Backshall has filmed dozens of shows for the BBC and National Geographic - shows that see him clinging to cliff faces, extreme kayaking and getting up close to deadly animals. Steve Backshall Extreme Mountain Challenge and his Extreme River Challenge both start on BBC Knowledge, Sky TV Channel 74 in May. He reveals the animal he’s most scared of - and it might surprise you.

10.35 Karen Walker: fashion designer’s Life and Influences

This year marks three decades since the Karen Walker brand was born. The fashion designer, who was made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2013, retails in 42 countries, 200 cities and more than 1000 stores including Barneys New York, Liberty London and Harvey Nichols. Her global influence has seen her consistently ranked in The Business of Fashion's Powerhouse 500 list over the past five years. Her eyewear is worn by Lady Gaga, Le Bron James, Lorde, Debbie Harry and Rihanna; and her empire has handbags and five styles of perfume. Alongside her is husband and creative director Mikhael Gherman. As one of our Life and Influences interviews we visit Karen Walker at her Ponsonby Road showroom in Auckland. (Part 2 continues after the 11am news)

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