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7.11 PM Jacinda Ardern presses flesh at Waitangi 

Dignitaries, politicians and the public have started piling into Waitangi ahead of the official day of national celebration on Tuesday.  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is spending five days at Waitangi. Te Manu Korihi reporter Shannon Haunui-Thompson reports from the Treaty grounds.  

7:21 Social media ban for kids

Technology journalist Juha Saarinen.

Technology journalist Juha Saarinen. Photo: Supplied

An Auckland intermediate school is telling parents to ban their children from social media in an effort to curb online bullying. Kowhai Intermediate asks parents to support its stance in a tech contract it gets them to sign. Technology expert and  parent Juha Saarinen discusses the ramifications. 

7.30 The House

Our parliamentary programme looks at the different outcomes and futures of the two medicinal cannabis bills that were debated this week. 

7.45 World media drawn to story of Nigel the lonely gannet

Nigel courts his concrete gannet love on Mana Island.

Nigel courts his concrete gannet love on Mana Island. Photo: Philippa Sargent

The ranger on Mana Island, on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington, has been inundated with calls from international media after the death of Nigel the gannet on the island he looks after.  The headlines read "Nigel the lonely gannet dies on an island surrounded by concrete birds". For many years Nigel the gannet has been the only real gannet on the island and had become something of an ambassador for DoC.  To tell the story of Nigel's life and legacy, is the human who knew him well - Chris Bell from the Department of Conservation who lives and works on Mana Island. 

7.55 Piha flash floods 

The Auckland coastal town of Piha saw people stranded on walking tracks when thunderstorms struck, as well as flooding homes and businesses and sending cars floating. Many people took shelter at the Piha Surf Lifesaving Club. Peter Brown is its president and was in the thick of things.

8:10 Insight: Escape from Croatia’s Asylums

Unlike many other nations of Europe, thousands of people with mental illness still live in asylums in Croatia. But not in Osijek. In this small city in the far east, dozens of people have moved from mental institutions into regular apartments in the community. For the BBC's World Service, Linda Pressly asks what is life like now for those who have been, ‘liberated’? And does life outside an asylum suit everybody?

8.37 Tinnitus: that ringing in your ears

Prof Grant Searchfield

Prof Grant Searchfield Photo: Supplied

Tinnitus, or ringing in your ears, can drive people to distraction. It affects around 15 to 20 percent of people and is more common in the over 65s. But a growing number of younger people are reporting it. Most tinnitus is caused by damage to the hair cells in the inner ear and it can be caused by loud music, ear abnormalities, trauma to the head or ear … there are many reasons. February 5-11 is Tinnitus Awareness Week and a leading expert in the condition is Associate Professor Grant Searchfield, a neuroscientist from the University of Auckland, which also runs Tinnitus Tunes
Grant Searchfield is giving a speech in Auckland that’s will appear later on the National Foundation for the Deaf  site 
Thursday 8th February
10:30am - 11:45am
St Chad's Church and Community Centre
38 St Johns Road

9:06  Mediawatch

Efforts to fix Facebook and improve our news with the wisdom of the crowd. Also:  the legacy the late Pat Booth - and do-nut adjust your set: another fast-food media-feeding frenzy.  Presented and produced by Colin Peacock. 

9:37 Broken: a story of forgiveness 

Josh Calles and Tarry Mortlock

Josh Calles and Tarry Mortlock Photo: RNZ

Broken is a modern retelling of the true NZ story of Tarore and her Book made popular by Joy Cowley and inspired by true events. Tarore and her Book is the tale of an 1830s Maori girl who learns how to read and write. She is gifted the Gospel of Luke and carries that in a kete around her neck - before tragedy comes. It then becomes a story of forgiveness and redemption. Broken is set in Gisborne, shot on the East Coast, by debut director Tarry Mortlock and stars local police officer Josh Calles also in his debut film. 

10:04 Anna Coddington: five years of big life happenings

Anna Coddington

Anna Coddington Photo: Supplied

Anna Coddington is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist and Silver Scroll finalist - who has a solo career as well as being involved in other musical projects such as the likes of Fly My Pretties. Coddington is playing with the Eru Dangerspiel super group of musical mates for the Auckland Arts Festival opener at the Festival Playground on Thursday March 8 at Silo Park.  

10.37 Craig Renaud: US documentary maker

Intrepid US documentary makers Brent, left, and Craig Renaud.

Intrepid US documentary makers Brent, left, and Craig Renaud. Photo: Supplied

Brent and Craig Renaud are brothers and US documentary makers, TV producers and journalists living in New York. They've spent the past decade covering humanistic stories from the likes of Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Egypt, Libya and Mexico in the "cinema verite" vein. They won the coveted Peabody documentary award for a gritty television series filmed closer to home, in Chicago. It's called Last Chance High and it's about a public school that was a last stop for kids with severe emotional and behavioural problems and expelled from their regular schools.


11:04 Dame Joy Cowley: the story of her life

The New Year's honours added to the mass of awards New Zealand literary taonga Dame Joy Cowley has already received - but she was the only person to be made a Member of the Order of NZ. She’s also been shortlisted for the most prestigious award given to creators of children's books - the biennial Hans Christian Andersen Award recognises a lifelong achievement. Dame Joy made her name in children's literature with her much-loved stories of Mrs Wishy-Washy, The Silent One about a deaf boy's friendship with a white turtle, and Nest in a Falling Tree, made into a film by Roald Dahl. Joy Cowley talked to Wallace as part of our Life and Influences series.