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7:08 Robert Jensen - How the media got it wrong

As the world gets used to the thought of President-elect, Donald Trump. A lot of parents on social media are grappling with how to explain the US election to their children.

As the world gets used to the thought of President-elect, Donald Trump. A lot of parents on social media are grappling with how to explain the US election to their children. Photo: AFP

University of Texas professor of journalism Robert Jensen on how and why the media missed the mark so widely with its predictions in the US election.

7:20 Ricardo Menendez - Mexico's future

Ricardo Menendez is from Mexico but now calls Auckland home. He's fearful about what the future might hold for the rest of his family living in Tijuana now that Trump is in charge of the US.

7:30 News headlines

7:32 The Week in Parliament

Greg Fleming

Greg Fleming Photo: supplied

7:47 Greg Fleming - Market reaction to US election result

AMP Capital's Head of Investment Strategy Greg Fleming on how the markets are responding to news of a Trump presidency and what's likely to happen from here on in.



8:12 Insight: Can prison work stop re-offending?

A prisoner stands behind a security fence at Paremoremo.

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

As of this year all of New Zealand's prisons are now "working prisons". Which means from now on, all prisoners are taking part in some form of work, education or rehabilitation programme while they are behind bars. But while a vast array of work skills programmes are on offer for inmates, re-offending rates remain stubbornly high. So is the focus on work actually working?

8:40 Adriana Ugarte - Almodovar's muse

Adriana Ugarte stars in renowned Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar's latest film: Julieta. The critically acclaimed film is based on three short stories written by Alice Munro about a woman searching for her estranged daughter.

9:06 Mediawatch

How the Trumpocalypse unfolded in the media on election night. Also: no blessing for the marriage of our two biggest news publishers, and a radio station in trouble for trickery.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose

Chris Hartshorn

Chris Hartshorn Photo: supplied

9:40 Chris Hartshorn - The innovative road to prosperity

Chris Hartshorn has a PhD in chemistry but was side-tracked from a career in science and now describes himself as an "innovation executive." After more than two decades living in the USA, where he advised companies such as BMW, IBM, General Electric and Samsung, he's returned to New Zealand to take up the position of chief technology officer at Callaghan Innovation.

10:06 Johnny Marr - The Smiths

Multi-talented Smiths founder, Johnny Marr, joins Wallace to talk about his colourful musical career. After his time with the iconic Smiths, he went on to work with New Order's Bernard Sumner, The Cribs and Talking Heads. He's just written a book on his incredible rock and roll ride titled, Set the Boy Free.

10:40 Stuart Shepherd - Outsider art

Outsider art is a movement gaining momentum internationally. The term refers to work done by people who are self taught and exist firmly outside the establishment art communities. Stuart Shepherd joins Wallace to talk about an extraordinary New Zealand outsider artist being exhibited in New York and the origins of movement. Stuart Shepherd is also the curator of the upcoming New Zealand Outsider Art Fair.

11:05 Joshua Hammer - Covering the world: from the Rwanda genocide to the election of Donald Trump

Joshua Hammer is an experienced international correspondent who's seen history unfold in many parts of the world. He was in Africa when Somalia was unravelling, the genocide in Rwanda was taking place and for the first democratic election in South Africa. He's recently been in Iraq and witnessed first hand the fight against ISIS. And this week he was in New York to cover the US the victory of Donald Trump.

11:30 Allan Scott and Eric Arnold - Marlborough wine: a grape story

Allan Scott is a name synonymous with wine. The Marlborough trailblazer planted the first Montana vines that would mark the beginning of a billion dollar sauvignon blanc industry. He's stuck with the wine industry for more than 40years and now has his own label, Allan Scott wines. He tells his story in Marlborough Man a book he co-wrote with Eric Arnold.

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