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7:08 Urs Signer - Open Borders Open Homes

Urs Signer this week launched the 'Open Borders Open Homes' Facebook page which has seen hundreds of New Zealanders offering to host refugee families.

7:22 Ann Hood - Refugees as Survivors

Dr Ann Hood is chief executive of Refugees as Survivors NZ, which provides mental health and other health care services to refugees at the Mangere Resettlement Centre. Her organisation works with refugee communities and helps with rehabilitation for victims of torture and survivors of trauma.

7:32 The Week in Parliament

Anton Marcus

Anton Marcus. Photo: Supplied

7:47 Anton Marcus - Sri Lanka's Free Trade Zones

Anton Marcus is Joint-Secretary of Sri Lanka's Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees' Union which represents thousands of workers in the so-called free trade zones.

8:12 Insight: Fossil Fuels - Necessity or Lethal Indulgence

Fossil fuels still fire many aspects of our economy. That's despite the fact their role in adding to the CO2 levels in the atmosphere is well known. And the search for new supplies continues, even though environmentalists warn of the climate change consequences of burning even the known resources still underground. Eric Frykberg explores what future lies ahead for fossil fuels.
Produced by Philippa Tolley.

The cover of Black Jersey Silver Fern.

The cover of Black Jersey Silver Fern. Photo: Supplied

8:40 Denis Dwyer - Tom Ellison and the Silver Fern

Tom Ellison wrote the first book on rugby, captained the All Blacks in 1893, was, if not the first, one of the first Maori lawyers, and was responsible for putting the silver fern on the All Black jersey. Denis Dwyer is the author of the recently published: Black Jersey Silver Fern: Tom Ellison - The First Maori to Captain the All Blacks.

9:06 Mediawatch

On Mediawatch: a new project asking if we'll be getting decent news and information from the media in fifteen years' time; handling confronting images from tragedies overseas; claims that the unveiling of the RWC squad politicised rugby - and even the push for a new flag.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:37 Jason Eppink and Radha O'Meara - Cats and the Internet

Jason Eppink is assistant curator of digital media at the Museum of the Moving Image. He's curated "How Cats took over the Internet" which looks at how humans interact with cats on the internet. And Radha O'Meara, a media studies lecturer at Massey University, has made a careful study of just why human are so fascinated by the antics of cats.

10:06 Alison Parr - Remembering Christchurch

Oral historian Alison Parr has given voice to the people of Christchurch five years on from the devastating earthquake that shattered their city in her recently released. Remembering Christchurch: Voices from Decades Past.

Sarah Waters

Photo: Supplied

10:22 Sarah Waters - Lesbian Fiction

UK writer Sarah Waters is the bestselling author of six novels including Tipping the Velvet, Fingersmith and The Night Watch, which have also been made into TV series. Sarah is perhaps best known for setting her work in Victorian society and featuring lesbian protagonists. She talks about her life and career and her new book, The Paying Guests, which has recently been shortlisted for The Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction. Sarah Waters will be appearing at the Christchurch Arts Festival in association with WORD Christchurch, on Monday, Sept 7.

10:39 David Greig - Singing to the Choir

David Grieg

David Grieg Photo: Supplied

Playwright David Greig was born in Scotland but grew up in Nigeria. His award winning play The Events - opened at Auckland's Silo Theatre this week. The play features a different Auckland choir each night.

11:05 Lesley Riddoch - The Corbyn Factor

The popularity of UK Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn has taken many by surprise - especially his colleagues at Westminster who admit they have barely spoken to him during his decades as an MP. Lesley Riddoch is a Scotland-based author, journalist, broadcaster and commentator. She discusses Jeremy Corbyn's appeal - the message and the man - and the Blairite-led bid to undermine his campaign.

11:20 Jim Rader - Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders was until recently probably best known for being one of the few self-described socialists to be voted into public office in the United States: first as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont in 1981, followed by a stint in Congress and then the Senate. More recently he's been attracting massive crowds in his campaign to become the Democratic presidential candidate. Jim Rader, who's known Sanders since the early 1960s, reflects on Sanders' politics and beliefs.

11:40 Karen McMillan - Surviving Cancer

Author and cancer survivor, Karen McMillan joins Wallace to talk about her new book: Unbreakable Spirit - facing the challenge of cancer in New Zealand.

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