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Chris Trotter and Lesley Riddoch

Chris Trotter and Lesley Riddoch Photo: Supplied

7:08 Current affairs

We discuss the new leader of the UK Labour Party – the results of this surprising, divisive and sometimes vitriolic leadership contest – with UK commentator Lesley Riddoch. Then Chris Trotter gives us his point of view on what the NZ Labour Party can learn from the UK campaign. Plus – Pacific countries are feeling the impact impact of El Nino, especially in the highlands of PNG; and The Week in Parliament.

7:47 Yasmine Ryan - Biography of a Killer

This interview did not proceed for technical reasons and is rescheduled for Sunday 20 September.

Retired DGSE agent Jean-Luc Kister this week apologised for his part in the killing of Fernando Pereira in the Rainbow Warrior bombing 30 years ago. Tunis-based freelance journalist Yasmine Ryan has been looking into the French secret agent’s time in Tunisia and France’s use of violence as a foreign policy tool.

8:12 Insight - Relationship Turmoil

In June, the country's oldest and largest counseling service closed its doors.For six decades Relationships Aotearoa provided counseling to individuals, couples and families.  But chronic under-funding, contractual difficulties, poor governance and the Government’s changing priorities overwhelmed Relationships Aotearoa. Catherine Hutton asks what the implications are for those who used the services and other similar organisations that rely on government support to do their work?
Produced by Teresa Cowie

Melinda Tankard Reist

Melinda Tankard Reist Photo: Supplied

8:40 Melinda Tankard Reist – Impact of Sexualised Imagery

International advocate against the sexual exploitation of women and children, Melinda Tankard Reist discusses the pervasive influence of sexualized imagery in popular culture.  Is the objectification of women and children fuelling international sex trafficking? Melinda Reist believes so and she explains why on Sunday Morning. Melinda is in NZ in association with the Tear Fund.

9:06 Mediawatch

The media go over the top on the All Blacks and Richie McCaw’s greatness. Also: Efforts to persuade online news media not to share stories of people in distress; and a surprising claim by a top media boss corrected. 
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

Etienne Clement UNESCO Director Pacific

Etienne Clement UNESCO Director Pacific Photo: UNESCO

9:40 Etienne Clement - Plunder in the Pacific

Etienne Clément is UNESCO’s man in Apia. In the 1990s he was instrumental in having Angkor Wat in Cambodia declared a World Heritage site. Now he’s calling on Pacific nations to put a halt to the illegal market in cultural artefacts – particularly Melanesian carvings – which are sought after by collectors in Europe and America.

10:06 Alison Mau and Elizabeth Roberts - Sex Change Pioneer

Long before Caitlyn Jenner, there was Elizabeth Roberts, who underwent the first sex change operation in New Zealand in 1969. In her book First Lady – written by journalist Alison Mau – Liz describes her transition from Garry to Elizabeth. It’s an insightful, truthful and often brutal account of her life and of her pioneering sexual reassignment surgery.

Cindy Diver and Stuart Young

Cindy Diver and Stuart Young Photo: Supplied

10:42 Stuart Young and Cindy Diver - Verbatim Theatre

Verbatim Theatre interviews people about their experience, then actors plug in little headsets and act out these interviews. Dunedin's Talking House Collective used the strategy in Hush: a play about family violence. The Talking House Collective is now on a national tour with The Keys are in the Margarine – using the verbatim style to look at the world of dementia. Cindy Diver and Stuart Young join Wallace to talk about the project.

11:05 Joan Baez - Music and Friends

Joan Baez barely needs an introduction. An iconic figure of the sixties – Joan Baez is more than just a singer of folk songs. She talks to Wallace about her life, her work, her music and her friendships with some of history’s greatest people. Joan Baez is touring NZ next month

Jemaine Clement doodle

Jemaine Clement doodle Photo: Supplied

11:28 Jemaine Clement - Romantic Lead

The very dry and very funny Jemaine Clement joins Wallace to talk about his new movie People, Places, Things – his first big screen role as romantic lead. Oh, and he draws us a mouse.

11:44 Sonya Cotter - Interior Design

Sonya Cotter is an interior designer and an expert in colour forecasting. She is at the Auckland Home Show this weekend and tells Wallace that green is pretty hot right now.