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Summer Times 2020/2021 for Friday 27 December 2019

8:05 News 

8:30 Navigating the click economy 

Once upon a time, advertisers battled for our eyeballs ... these days , they also fight it out for our clicks! The online marketplace is a multi-billion-dollar industry, full of words like "algorithmic targeting" and "proprietary transformation functions"

But how well-understood IS digital advertising? How do you measure the success of a Facebook ad? And how much is a click worth? Technology commentator and communications consultant Paul Brislen is here to help me make sense of it.

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9:05 Semisi Maiai 

Semisi Maiai is a New Zealand musician known for his work as the front man of kiwi band Marlin's Dreaming. But he plays he plays a mean guitar and he was rocking through Wellington today so we thought we'd get him in for a live session.

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Photo: Marlin's Dreaming

9:45 Regional Cross: nelson and Marlborough 

Every day we'll be checking in on what's going on in the regions in Aotearoa and the pacific. Today RNZ's woman on the spot in Nelson Tracy Neal lets us know what's going on. 

This image shows the town of Nelson, New Zealand

Photo: 123RF

10:05 Photographing predators? 

My next guest is one of New Zealand's foremost nature photographers, his photos have graced postage stamps, featured on New Zealand bank notes and in magazines from around the world. And now Rob Suisted can add New Zealand Geographic's Photographer of the Year to his myriad of other accolades. 

10:35 December flicks with Dan Slevin 

Is it a wet weather day in your part of the country? Time to go to the movies? Film critic Dan Slevin is here to talk about new releases you might be able to cram the family into. Today Dan is reviewing CATS and Sorry We Missed You. 

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10:55  Te reo Māori phrase of the day: kei te pēhea koe​

Three times a week, we'll check in with Hēmi Kelly, to learn some useful te reo Māori phrases you can use in your day-to-day life.

Hemi's a lecturer in Te Ara Poutama - the Faculty of Māori & Indigenous Development at Auckland University of Technology, and his book A Māori Phrase a Day: 365 Phrases to Kickstart Your Reo will be released on January 7.

Today's phrase: Kei te pēhea koe?

Translation: How are you? 

Hēmi Kelly

Hēmi Kelly Photo: Supplied/Hēmi Kelly

11:10 On The Road with Catherine Robertson 

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Photo: Penguin Random House

Time for On The Road now. This is where we get a prominent New Zealander in to chat about their favourite ever road trip, reflect a bit on the year just gone, and play us a few of their essential road trip tunes.  

Today's guest is the author and Victoria University of Wellington International Institute of Modern Letters (IIML) and Creative New Zealand Writer in Residence for 2020, Catherine Robertson.